Jay Jay The 3D Artist

Date:  March 10, 2020

Jay has been drawing this playground for the past 2 weeks.  I think he must have spent more than 15 hours on it.


Only today, I can see what he is working on.  This is a project where the student need to design an improved playground of a assigned location.  So, they have to take a look at the original playground and think how to improve it.

Wow, it is sophisticated ya.  I love the colorful playground.


He has been like this since 2 weeks ago.

Using Sketch Up to draw.  No joke, every single rods, every single tiles, every single wood, he patiently drew.


Really not bad.  The playground very colorful.  Very lifely.

Let’s look at his progress some more.

I think SST (School of Science & Technology) really turn their students into techie or nerd.  Can you see the nerdy look?


I don’t think I got so much patient to draw the thing line by line.. hahaha

The details of the 3D modeling, really fantastic!


Here is the final look of the playground.  Take a look.  Very nicely done.

Well done Jay!!!


So, I don’t need to worry liao, he at least got this 一技之长.



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