Golf with A Pro (ProNim) in Thailand

Date: Dec 12, 2022

Playing golf in Thailand is very enjoyable. You will need the guy on the right (Thomas Kum), who is my golf tour chief in Thailand to arrange hotel, transportation and access to some beautiful and private golf clubs in Thailand.

And if you can arrange for a teaching pro who used to be a pro to play together with you, it is even more fun and you might learn a lot a lot of tips from her. She is Pro NimMee.

I will provide both their contacts later. You can contact them for excellent golf games and experience.

This is ProNim’s contact. Their IG is Golf_nimning and email nimninggolf@miniliew

Thomas’ contact is as follow.

Let’s share some photos and fun for my recent golf trips in Bangkok.

Game #1 with ProNim. We played at Alpine Golf Club.

I have to specially thank Khun Kittilerk for introducing ProNim to us, and have her played in our flight.

Oh ya, engaging her pro-teaching service is 10,000-15,000 baht per game (without green fees). So, since we have already asked her come, let’s take more photos la. She has a very nice personality and her English is not bad.

Let’s tee off!!! Her swing is so smooth and used a lot of weight shift. This is what we have to learn.

Here is fairway shot. So smooth the swing.

I have some slowmo videos too. I actually took every single tee shots of her. hahahaha

Playing a pro is very different. You need to think how to beat her. Oh ya, she is playing WHITE TEE together with us. We all played WHITE TEE!!! and out of the 14 drives, I believed I got only 1 single drive that out drive her by 5-10 meter only. All of us just behind her. Khun Kittilerk also have only 1 drive furthur than her.

This is the par 3 hole. She hit it about 6-7 ft away from the flag. Guess where I hit it?

I almost got a hole in one! Hahahaha I birdied this hole.

And she also birdie this hole!!!! Her putting is so solid.

Oh ya, the game format is all three of us saddam ProNim from white tee. Play scratch.

The next hole, I already par the hole, and she had to hit out from the bunker and hit it outside the green. So, we thought we have won this hole, and take a look at her chip. She has to chip in this hole to take a par too!

That is how intense the game is.

Very happy la.

Of course we don’t only just play golf with her, any time you can ask her questions and she will demonstrate it for you. Like my friend Hong ask how to play the green side bunker well. And she somehow hit her ball into the green side bunker and show us how to hit it. Quite cool for her to do so right?

My friend continue benefits from asking more questions.

The more I watch the more I tried very much want to slow down my swing. I also learned a lot.

Ya, this is my only drive that is longer than her’s. I think I drove about 230m at this hole, she is not far behind teeing off from the white tee.

So, three big boys work very hard and hold off proNim and we won by 3-holes. It was a good day. But I got the feeling that ProNim did not give the best. And some holes, she is just using it to teach us. But it is very fun to play with her.

She said, she need a rematch.

So, we did a rematch. But change a player. This time, we played at the Siam Bangkok.

Just look at her swing.

For the second game, I told her, we have setup a prize money for her to win. About 5k baht as an incentive. So she has to work hard to win. And that is just what she did, when ever we lead by one, she immediately take it back with a birdie. Until hole-17 when she took the lead and we can hold her and we lost by 1-hole.

You know I am not an atlethic person, so I am not raised from a sporty family, so golf to me is very hard. And I always use my hand instead of my lower body swing. So, by playing with her, and watching her swing, I try to learn as much as possible. I also take down notes too.

That is the benefit of having a pro and playing a pro teacher. She also teaching at a driving range. And I happen to saw her schedule, is very packed. hahaha so, usually there is a few morning she kept her schedule open to play on the golf course.

So, in this second game, I actually slow down my swing by a lot and surprisingly hit futhur. my swing now can take divots too like hers.

I am so happy. I told her, next time, I will bring Jay over.

Oh ya, I am not joking when I say I really wanted to slow down my swing, work on the tempo, swing just like her.. hahaha. I am getting there too. hahahaha

This is where she sealed the winning. Well done proNim.

She played 38-35 on the second game. That’s 73 one over. Wow!

Wow, amazing! See you again next time when I am in Bangkok! It is our turn to revenge. hahaha

For those who is interested, here is her swing videos.

Game #1.

Game #2.

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