Gadgets – SwitchBot Curtain

Date: Oct 7, 2022

This is SwitchBot Curtain. I bought this from Amazon Japan. Somehow only Japan has what I want.

Jay is the one installing it. So, we install it to our living room or dining room.

What does it do? So, you basically install this on the curtain rails between the first and second clips. Then, the motorize bot will move your curtain left or right.

And of course, you can configure it to your Alexa IoT. so, you can say things like “Alexa, close the dining room curtain”. Great! Oh ya, you have to have a Switch Bot hub to get this to work too.

It is a IoT product that is not hard to setup and easy to use. Things need to be careful is you will need more hub if you want to install more curtains in different room. Also, must check the rail types before you by. There are different version for different rails.

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