Simple Tech Review – Apple Airpod Pro 2nd Generation

Date: Sep 27, 2022

This is the latest Airpod Pro. Jay bought one for me, and he get himself another with his name and emoji engraved on the case. It takes another 3 days to deliver his because of this. When you pair the Airpod, you can see the engraving. Exactly same as the Airpod Pro.

So, I was watching the President Cup on my TV in my room. I did not pair the TV to my new Airpod Pro. So, the match is playing at the background.

Then, I remembered, there is a LPGA match going on. And the Thai player Athaya Thitikul was leading a day before. The match is over, so I have to search Google for the latest result which is her winning interview. So, my iPad prompted me to pair with my new Airpod Pro. So, I paired it and put it on, and that is when the magic came.

The adaptive Noise Cancelling actually cancelled the background sound come out from the President Cup playing on the TV. It suddently felt so silent. Usually, the previous version of any noise cancelling will give some pressure onto your ear drum as then pump the cancelling sound to cancel the noise you want to cancel. But this time, it is quite smooth, and then, the Interview voice came, and it is so crystal clear, and nice.

I later played a few musics and Audiobooks and podcasts. All are excellent, much better than my old Airpod Pro and my old Airpod.

So, yesterday, I came home. Open the door, so my digital door look will make the unlock and lock sound after the door bang. I called out to Jay: “Jay?” who usually will sit at his table at the fair end of the living room. He says: “Oh daddy, you are back. I could not hear you back because the Airpod Pro noise cancelling is so good.”

I have not tested on the flight yet, but I think it is very good too.

OK. Strong recommendation from me and my son. Go buy it.

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