Good Food at EcoNest – Thai Street Food

Date: July 5, 2023

Yesterday, we tried this restaurant. This is a new restaurant at EcoNest, and I always see the restaurant full house when walk by.

Khunya Thai Kitchen

Seems like the chefs at Eco Botanic here participated some competitions.

We also saw the chefs walking around in the restaurant and directed this and that.. teaching the waitress what to do…

Ok let’s check out what we ordered.

The first dish is Tonyum soup. The soup is creamy and tasty and not too spicy for me. Of course they can’t get those big river prawns here in Malaysia, but the prawns are tasty as well. The soup is full of fragrance and spice at the right touch. A well done tonyum gung.

Second dish is my friend’s dish as he just recovered from food poisoning. So I have a bit of sampling from his Pad thai. I can say is tasty again and quite authentic. Very nicely done.

Third dish is the amazing Kampung Chicken.

Oh this dish is so good. Can’t stop eating it. The chicken is tender inside, and the spice on the skin is so good. It comes with three types of sauce which is authentic Thai sauce for bbq chicken.

Basically we ordered few dishes from the pictures hanging on the wall. Hahhaa

Last dish we ordered is amazing too. Crispy fried omelette.

This crispy oysters omelette is very crispy and the oysters is very tasty. The oysters is a bit small though. But overall it is nice.

Me and my friends really enjoying this restaurant. I have to convinced my friend not to always eat at the same restaurant like bak out teh etc to eat here and it turns out all good.

We also ordered some bush long long and black tea. And the bill came up to be RM173. Around SGD$50

Oh ya, just few stores to the left is the Guinness beer place. A nice little place that sell quite good smooth and creamy Guinness.

The waiters there are from Myanmar so sometimes you cannot hear what he trying to sell. We end up mistakenly ordered this happy hour special. 12 glasses of Guinness for about SGD$50. Wow, that’s $4++ bucks for a small glass.

Oh ya, earlier during lunch, we had my favorite 大碗公猪肉粉. just behind this Guinness beer block.

They sell very nice pork soup noodle.

I usually ordered the bowl I can add the ShaoXing wine.

That concludes my golf plus Makan day.

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