Happy Birthday Jay Jay 16th Years Old

Date: Oct 8, 2022

Happy 16th Birthday Jay Jay.

The highlight of the day is this video. Because Kay Kay steals the show. Hahahaha. Under parent supervision, we let him try a bit of the Chablis, and Kay Kay kan-pei it. Walau.

Anyway, we have a very nice dinner.

Mommy bought two crabs. One male and one female.

The female crab of course is gao-gao-gao.

Of course, the birthday boy loves it.

It goes so well with my Chablis.

Let him write his own name.

And the birthday cake is on!

Kay coming in.

Then, we came in.

The traditional birthday song….

Mommy also wants a photo.

And blow….

And cut the cake.

A day earlier… He already cut the cake once…

Three friends celebrates his birthday. He got a “car” as present. And 3 boys and 3 girls funded that present. hahaha I got mentioned it in my video…

Here is the lovely pictures of his friends.

With Kay Kay…

And cut the cake…

Happy Birthday to Jay Jay again!!!!

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