Simple Tech Review – SPUD The Spontaneous Pop-up Display

Date: Oct 12, 2022

This is actually a kickstarter project launched back in 2016. So, I got mine around 2019 like that. Didn’t get to use it until now.

Here is the kickstarter video.

I always camped outside SICC’s guard house around 4am until 5am. Sometimes even earlier. So, now, I can bring along this SPUD as well as my TV Media Box.

This is SPUD.

That day, I plugged my TV media box into the USB port on SPUD and turn on the display and watch about 1 hour of shows, live TV, etc. And the battery still have 2 bars. So, the battery life I think is around 2-3 hours.

Very simple, only 3 ports. HDMI connect to your TV box. USB 5V Out connect to your TV box and power it. And you charge the battery using the Type C Charge port.

On the other side, it has volume control, battery indicator as well as brightness control. Very simple.

So, when I turn on the power button, it power the display and power the TV media box too.

For demonstration, I used a EVPAD 6P box. Here you see, I just put the display on the side passenger seat.

Connect to Singtel 5G via Personal Hotspot from my iPhone.

Now I can watch full 27″ screen of golf game while queueing for booking golf game.

How big is 27″?

I also watch the soccer for a while. That game EVE vs ManU is quite exciting for the last 5min.

I also watched the rings of power.

OK, how to keep it?

Lastly, where to buy? I dont think they sell it anymore. As they come out with version 2. And version 2 kickstarter has already closed back in 2021. So we just have to wait until they deliver version 2.

Let’s show some more video…

I like this product!!

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