Ken Can Cook – Oyster Egg Omelette

June 29, 2023

I have a pack of Hiroshima Oyster. So, let me think what can I cook with it.

Tada…. Hiroshima Oyster Egg Omelette!

And the taste is really good! In my humble opinion, and my son Jay, and his friends and my helper all think that it is better than outside hawker oyster omelette.

Here is what you need.

  1. Hiroshima Omelette
  2. Tapioca Flour
  3. Japanese eggs
  4. Cooking Oil
  5. Fish Sauce
  6. Japanese noodle sauce
  7. White pepper
  8. Green onions

Prepare a bowl of water with tapioca flour. Mix them well. Small bowl of water with 2-3 spoonful of tapioca flour.

Put the tapioka flour water aside.

Defrost the Hiroshima Oyster naturally. (not with microwave)

The oysters is really fantastic. Very big and looks juicy. Of course, if you go to the hawker centre, you sure 100% will not find them cook the omelette using Hiroshima Oysters.

Prepare the egg, and beat the egg.

Prepare the sauce. I use the Thai fish sauce with the Japanese noodle sauce. If you can get this Japanese noodle sauce from Don Don Donki, it will be best, the taste is really good.

I think it is enough for the preparation.

Heat at the frying pan. When it is very hot, pour in the cookling oil. And wait until it is hot. You will see the hot air coming up.

Then, you pour in the Tapioka flour water. Yes, slowly pour in and let the hot oil fry it. It actually takes some time to do so.

you will thought it should be similar like cooking pan cake right? But it is not. It takes 4-6min to cook the tapioka flour water. You will feel like you are cooking Glue initially. Really feel like cooking glue.

A few minutes later. i.e. 4-6 min later. Amazing, from cooking glue water into actual flour pan cake.

The aim is to cook this ONE SIDE only until you think it is a bit crispy. Then you turn it over.

As soon as you turn over the tapioka flour, add in the eggs and slowly place the oyster into the egg. Now, we slowly cook the egg.

Look at it, it looks absolutely delicious.

Make sure medium small fire, and cover it.

Ok, when the egg almost 75% cook, this is where you break the egg, add in green onions, and add in the sauce teaspoon by teaspoon.

Make sure fire not too big.

And you slowly fry the oyster egg omelette. I want my oyster to be 85% cook, so, I use smaller fire to slowly cook it.

If needed, slowly cover the pan and let the fire and heat cook both bottom and upper part.

Once done, add some white pepper.

And there you go. Hiroshima Oyster Egg Omelette.

I really love my version of oysters egg omelette.

Since when you eaten such a big oyster egg omelette.

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