Golf Notes – Ventus TR Red Shaft With Ping G425 Max

Date: Oct 3, 2022

I owned a Ventus Blue driver shaft. I did not played that shaft well because it keeps going to the right.

Today, after Allan has tee off with his Ventus TR Red, he was very pleased with his distance.

So, I borrowed his Ping driver with Ventus TR Red Shaft.

And I have a very good drive too. And it is about 20-30 meter more further than Allan’s ball. So, it is a good Shaft. I think it is like super stiff – super stiff – and stiff at the tip. So, the tip is like wobbling like that. But still I can hit it.

This is Forest hole #5 (Par 5). So, I hit slightly furthur than the tree on the left. That’s pretty far.

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