Simple Tech Review – Tesla Y Model

Date: Sep 27, 2022

People who knows me knows how I feel about EV (Electical Vehicle). I am those type that still think that this technology is still in an early stage, and hence higher cost, lesser charging station, still need improvement in software, battery that has longer power is in need, etc. Especially I stayed in a condo which take forever to install the charging station. When they decided to install the charging station probablly are those low end powered charging station.

So It is unlikely to see me to buy a EV now. I probably will drive my petrol car just a little bit more longer.

Yesterday, I got a chance to sit in my friends new Tesla Model Y. Let’s see how is my first ride.

Things I like

  • The screen is big.
  • It gives you the car images surrounding you.
  • Very zen, simple.
  • The height of the car, is good.
  • The wide space at the back, lots of leg rooms.
  • Huge boot can put at least 3 golf bags.
  • Highly customisable, like my friend spent RMB6000 to buy all sort of accessories from Taobao.

Things I don’t think I like or can get used to

  • No Apple Play?
  • The battery icon tells you your battery life. It is just like the iPad batter icon. Too small?
  • Behind the steering wheel there is nothing. No dashboard, no HUD display, etc. So, you need to turn your head to the big screen to see info.
  • I heard when you let go the acceleration pedal, the car auto breaking kicks in. So, you need to constantly and slowly to apply some force on the acceleratioin pedal to slow down instead of slow down arubtly. Just like driving a golf buggy. But I think it should be software customisable, my friend just got the car for 1 week.
  • 350km-400km range.
  • Go to Malaysia need a special converter cable to use Shell’s charging station along the highway.
  • Still expensive price.
  • expensive road tax. (for model Y with single engine, I think is cheaper)

I am a gadget person. For now, I think I say no to EV. :). Wow the car is quarter million SGD, and the road tax is still high.

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