Golf with Tae Kyung Kim from Hidden Castle

Date: July 27, 2023

When I joined the Hidden Castle Indoor Golf Club, I have a complimentary outdoor game with my coach. So, on July 27, 2023, I invited her to come to SICC to play the Millenium/Peirce new course.

Before this, she had not played in SICC before. And after the game, she said, she love the SICC course! She only played in Sentosa, Tanah Merah and Marina Bay golf club before playing at SICC.

So, what is the game format? Of course, 3 men saddam the lady pro golfer. And at the end, we lost 3 holes via the dormie-2. It was a very good game. She played white tee with us. She played 78 that day.

Just like with pro-Nim in Bangkok, I am going to record down all her swings. :). Her swings are so good, and I wanted to learn such a swing.

Today, I will wear a nice shirt to play with her.

Millennium Hole-1 – White – 368m – Par 4

As usual, no big surprise here, her tee off is longer than us, and on the fairway. I am not that far behind on the right.

I am standing where my tee shot landed just 10 meter before the right bunker. You see the little white ball above my selfie hand? That is where she drove the first tee. About 20-25 meter away from me. Hahaha

Millennium Hole #2 – White – 355m – Par 4

Her 2nd tee shot fly up into the air spliting the fairway and seems floating in the air. Her back swing is so still.

This is where she taught me, always let the club drop naturally to this position. Then, whole body, hand, hip and leg make the turn.

Once hit the ball and sent the ball away, and let the club swing back to behind.

See how her club swing to the back.

Then, the finishing pose.

The club will pull it back further.

Her tee shot sent her ball to the right. Just right of the buggy track.

Just look at the following photo sequences. Watch her head. So still. Bring up the back swing, 3 quarter swing.

Bring it up a bit more. Look at her head, so still.

Then you can see the weight start to shift to the left foot.

Looks like she is choking down a bit with the shot.

Pro always likes to take divot. Look at the dirt flies.

No need to complete the swing.

Millennium Hole #3 – White – 274m – Par 4

Look at the following swing sequences. Slowly bring up, head kept still, corking, drop the club, uncorking, and hit the ball at the correct tempo, and her ball went so far so far into the right bunker.

And she missed her first bunker shot.

I think SICC sand bunker is mean to her. Her second bunker shot also fell shot. Then, she hit the third bunker shot out of the bunker.

The bunker was a bit wet and hard that day. So have to hit harder.

Millennium Hole #4 – White – 478m – Par 5

She splited the fairway into half again. I think her back swing is so powerful. Look at her driver, once it reached the top, it bend downwards. When she hit the ball, you can see her shoulder forming a plane for her swing plane.

This is her 2nd shot at Millennium Hole #4.

Even when she stand on a sloppy slope. Look at her whole body stay so still.

Millennium Hole #5 – White – 159m – Par 3

So easy and sent the ball on the green.

Of course, if she see something not correct, she will teach.

Raymond of course benefited from it. She taught my friend how to putt with better posture.

Millenium Hole #6 – White – 324m – Par 4

Easy easy draw the ball to the center fairway across the longkang.

Millennium Hole #7 – White – 472m – Par 5

Again, a great tee shot. At this moment, she either do par or birdie. Only got one bogay so far. hahaha

Here is her 2nd shot.

After seeing so many of her shot, I think my problem is I never take a divot in my iron shot. Look at her and look at all the LPGA players, they always take a small shallow divot.

Time to buy beer and drink. hahaha

Millennium Hole #8 – White – 134m – Par 3

She sent her ball a bit to the left. let’s see how she save the shot. Count the steps and punch it up. Because it is quite difficult to flop it up with a downhilll lie.

Millennium Hole #9 – White – 352m – Par 4

Another good shot.

Peirce Hole #1 – White – 356m – Par 4

Straight in the middle and perfect landing.

My friend Raymond under pressure by me. Wahahaha

When you compare the swing, of course, our swing is not so good. Hahahaha

SICC new course green is like a keropok. Not so easy to putt for first timer.

Peirce Hole #2 – White – 148m – Par 3

Peirce Hole #3 – White – 468m – Par 5

Very straight and high ball. I just love to see this over and over again. See how she drop the club and weight shift in. Then boom.

OK, let’s give Raymond another chance here. That is a good shot!!! After watching her drive so many holes, we tends to pick up some new swing tips too.

You can clearly see, Raymond did not drop the club and shift the weight. hahaha

She drove to the left of the water. Here is her second shot.

Long second shot.

And the third shot put the ball on the green.

The chip is so easy one ah. although it kick to the right.

Peirce Hole #4 – White – 128m – Par 3

Because of the back wind, she sent her ball slightly over.

Because we might gave her some wrong distance info, that is why she overclub just now. So, we want her to hit another one. And the second attempt was equally good and shorter. Perfect!

Peirce Hole #5 – White – 385m – Par 4

Another easy easy perfect shot. I really want to learn that club drop weight shift. So nice. And she does it so easily.

Oh ya, today I did not use my old man Ryoma Maxima II. I brought along my Ping 430 with a new Dainama blue shaft which is my A club.

Peirce Hole #6 – White – 362m – Par 4

Peirce Hole #7 – White – 350m – Par 4

I no joking, I love to hit left over the tree. Then, I will left with a nice 130-140m.

See her 2nd shot. No need to guess. Its ON!

Peirce Hole #8 – White – 265m – Par 4

Why I never take any video here??? Because she dormie-2 us at this hole. And she won! by 3 holes. 3 Men loss the saddam. hahaha

Peirce Hole #9 – White – 502m – Par 5

Above is the score card.

Perfect tee-off.

She sent the tee off here.

And she nailed the downhill lie.

And she finished the last hole by missing it.

And that concludes our first game with her. Got chance I will ask her come back to rematch.

Learn a lot of things today.

She will slowly train me and fix all my problem.

Thank you coach Kim for the game.

Coach Kim is from Korea. Stay in Jakarta when young. So she can speak good Bahasa. She played in KLPGA before coacing. She is a coach from Hidden Castle golf club.

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