Sesame Street – Reboot on XBox

Date:  Aug 9, 2013

Happy National Day for Singapore.

Most of us watch Sesame Street when we were young.  

It is one of the main education source on TV for learning English, and Math and the world.

That is why when we grew up, got married and have children….  one of the things we want to introduce our kids is Sesame Street.  

But showing these vintage TV shows to them, they will always says I want to watch Mickey Mouse, Jake the Pirates, etc.  

HaHaHa.  These videos are simply too old.  

Yesterday, when I was playing my XBox with the kids, we found one interesting game.  It is a TV shows and it is also an interactive game.

Is’s Sesame Street Interactive TV Game.

IMG 5639

So, I bought it online and play the some episodes.  Each season has 8 episodes.

IMG 5638

 Every Episode, it will teach you a letter, a number, some math concepts and so on.  

IMG 5641

And the best of all, you can be inside the TV.  See how Jay Jay and Kay Kay played inside the TV.  It is interactive in such a way that you can kick the ball, you can touch the sun.  It is quite cool, I must say.


They are learning alphabet K today.  So, the kids have to jump so that the tree will drop something that is start with letter K.  Although to a 4 and 7 years old kid, its nothing, but it is something that they will remember they played int he game before.  


In the next game, they have to stand very still look at the screen while the Dracula count to 11.  HaHaHa.  If they move, the Dracula will spot it.  HaHaHa…


This one is funny.  You can help the puppet to find things on TV point simply pointing at it.  


It is quite fun!  And you can download the whole episode onto your Xbox or leave it on the cloud and let it stream.  But if you do streaming, because US and Singapore is far away, so, there may be some buffering problem.

IMG 5637

There are also a lot of activities on the main portal site on TV.  

IMG 5640

You can see a lot of others old clips.

IMG 5642

Learning A B C.

IMG 5643

Find out what is Numbers, and so on.

IMG 5644

I think this is a great game for Kindergarden student.  With elder brother and sister helping aside, it can be a good game too.


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