5 Days Golf Trip in Bangkok July 16-20 2023

Date: July 16, 2023

It was almost impossible to play a decent golf in Singapore. Rain, thunder, etc etc. It is not a good timing.

I joined another 4 friends plus my golf trip planner to embark a 5 days golf trip in Bangkok. Yes, I played 5 games in 5 days. Hahahaha.

In case you need help for transportation in Bangkok, here is my friend Thomas Kum contact. He do tours, golf trips, transportation, hotel booking, etc.

Here is some of the memory I can remember.

If you book early, you can get very cheap business class on Singapore Airlines. And the food is not bad. But if you want to avoid the long queue in crossing the customs, Bangkok airport offer an EXPRESS lane for Business class passenger. And it really cut short by 30-60min. This is true for both departure and arrival.

Golf Day 1 @ Vintage. S$160 per pax on a Sunday. We choose Vintage is because most of the member clubs are close for outsiders during weekends. Vintage is one of the friendly club who you can do jumbo flight. Yes, 5 balls in a flight.

We all were so surprise to see OVERCAST weather in Bangkok for all 5 days of golf.

The weather was so nice!!!!! And I kept seeing our friends texting that raining, thunder and lightning at SICC back in Singapore.

Here at Vintage, no sun at all!

Of course beer while golfing is good.

This old aunty is quite good reading the green too! Because we always playing small competition, that is why caddies who knows how to read the line become very important.

There are 2 smokers in our golf group. One of them bought this cute little e-ciggerate that looks like … hahahaha

A few of the golfers are very picky on food. That is why we need to think where to bring them to eat.


First day, we end up at Kuang Seafood. I love to eat this.

Just look at other food we ate. Some of the photos got corrupted not sure why. We also have prawns, veggie, crab fried rice, fried fish, fish maw soup, etc etc beside those listed below.

Golf game #2 @ Riverdale Golf Country Club. So, the older folks complaint too much golf so they rest for a day. Instead we asked Thomas, our tour guide, our transport, our golf trip planner, tour agency, golf kaki, etc to play with us. That’s him behind act cute. He is actually 70++. Hahahaha His transport (big van) charge about S$200 per day from morning until night.

This is the first time we played at Riverdale, and it is such a nice course.

Me shooting the overcast weather.

Riverdale is S$170 per ball. It is beautiful. This aunty so-so nia reading the line. So, you can guess, today I played badly.

I have left a set of golf clubs in Thailand as I come in quite a few times a year and played almost 20-30 games in Bangkok a year. So, I asked Thomas to keep one set here. And the shaft I used was a 60g DI6. It is so heavy and I could not drive well anymore with that. Old liao.

Anyway, let’s drink.

Raymond is kind enough to swap the shaft with me. And wow, I love this shaft. It fitted to my Ping G425 and I can really drive far with this.

I actually outdrive them after changing to this shaft.

Wow, Riverdale is actually nice.

While I was taking such a nice view. This Weng Hong has to put the ball near to the pin.

He missed by 1 foot.

Now Day 2 food is …


The beef and lamb soup at Wattana Panich.

The pot that they say they dont wash for 70n years…

Very simple food. But it is damn good.

The soup is so nice.

The lamb soup is also very nice. Like eating Tu-kar like that.

So, when you come here, you come in the evening. This is where the soup base is very gao gao.

I must have caught a cold when I played a charity game under the rain 2 days ago. I think I am well prepared. So, I started to take all these on the first day. Not feeling that good since day 1. Hahahahaha But bo-pian la, life must go on. Played full 5 days la.

Golf Day #3 @ Royal Bang Pa-In Golf Club.

Today, we asked ProNim to join us again. We have two flights, so, some of us don’t get to play with her.

ProNim is a teaching pro in Bangkok. So, she collected about 10,000baht for playing with us and teach us. Of course we also pay for the green fee. And because she is teaching pro, and we want her to play her best game, we also set aside 5000 baht of betting money for three of these men saddam her (not me ah). She has to win to win the prize money. Wahahaha I think it is a good deal.

Today ProNim will play with my friends instead of me. This is their flight. I will play with my Thailand golf friends in another flight. Kannikar and Kittilerk is my golfer friends in Thailand. And this time, Kitti can join us for 3-days of golf! Yeah!

Let’s take a photo with ProNim too.

Oh ya, my this mr. Zappy learn a lot of tips from her. No wonder he can drive so far after coming back from Bangkok.

Let’s see her drive. She drove very far. Later after they hit the second shot, I also drive it to where her ball lands, later she asked me who tee off to there with orange ball, I raised my hand. And she was happy. hahahaha

Very nice swing too.

Just take a look at the overcast weather. Weather is so nice, unbelievable.

Time to drink Singha. Today caddie is very good in reading line. So, my game was good today.

I also wanted to learn from Kannikar her swing too. So easy.

I make caddie drink with me. hahahaha

Why Thai friend so good in hitting balls.

Let’s see how Kannikar swing again.

So easy swing.

Although we are not in the same flight, but occasionally I still can video ProNim’s tee shot. from Far. hahaha

Bang Pa-In is a very easy nice golf course. It is about S$160 per ball during weekday. Love to play here.

OK, we suppose to go to this Michilin star river prawn place and eat. But later, I changed my mind. Instead I asked Thomas to come to eat at Kaithong. A new place where my friends has not eaten here before.


They are also Michelin star restaurant. Just look at my drink. it is so nice. you bite the balls and the juice splash in your mouth.

This is the restaurant you eat the Hor Fun, the liver, etc. Unfortunately, may be we went there late, so all the supply ran out.

Salt fish steam Minced Pork is so delicious. We end up orderd two.

This is the Hor Fun. They called it Lat-Nar.

It is nice!

The crab fried rice

The pork chop. Very delicious.

This is Mui Choy pork. Very very nice!

Everyone was so happy eating here. What happen to my photo, so out of focus.

The curry fish.

Garlic foire gua.

As for dessert. This ice tea thingy is so good.

It is lovely.

Kaithong is so good the restaurant. It is on Michelin list from 2019 until 2023.

At night, we decided to walk the Jott fair. They say got shis Tik Tok Water Melon lady. People queue up to buy water melon juice from here. That’s her.

This place is interesting but every store seems like selling same thing.

I think my mom use this brand.

Day #4 Golf at Alpine Golf Club. The cost is S$210 per pax.

This is a challenging and lovely course. We always try to play here when we are in Bangkok.

Yet again, we have a very overcast weather.

Today, my caddie is a golfer herself. that is why her line reading is the best so far for the past 4 games.

Where is the beer photo.

I thought Raymond score a hole in one. But later is not.

So nice camelieon.

The Alpine caddies are quite good line reader.

Lunch. We end up go to another Kaithong branch. Since. the oldies are not with us, so we just eat one more time. This different branch sit inside a shopping mall.

Again Lat-nar the hor fun.

What a luck!!!!! Today we get to eat the Liver!!! so famous.

Liver. so good.

So pink color.



The tofu is nice too.

The minced pork.

The fish.

Of course the dessert again.

Night time, we go eat Hok Kee. Some Teo Chew restaurant.

Wah… got duck blood…

The dishes.

After 4 days of golf. I think I have a bit cold. But I think my body still can tong.

Day #5 we played at Thai Country Club. Each person $210.

We started early for beer and highballs.

Kittilerk has joined us for 3 days of golf.

This is the last day of golf. I am actually very tired. hahahahaha

For my style, Caddie must drink. This caddie can speak chinese. But too young. So, her line reading beh zhun.

We had fun on the last day.

Again, I must give a big A+++ to our weather here in Bangkok. Overcast sky.

Hey, LPGA Atthaya Thitikul is training her chipping here… WOW

Too far awa. . Otherwise I will walk there take a photo with her.

Its really her.


That concludes my 5 days golf in Bangkok!


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