Good Info – Ming Ang Confectionery Delivery Service

Date: Jul 3, 2021

Do you miss Ming Ang’s products? They have a delivery service. If you buy more than $60 they will deliver free for you.

Below is the link to place your order. Once your ordered being placed, they will contact you via Whatsapp to confirm it. For my case, I placed order on June 3, and they scheduled the delivery on July 3, which is one month later. Not sure what is the reason but I am sure once they sort out the delivery schedule, it could be faster.

I am very sure you can contact them directly too. This is their Phone contacts.

About one week before the delivery, they will contact you to confirm the delivery address. And let you know about the Comsume period of their products.

They will sent you the invoice too. Of course, during Pendamic, the price is higher. Hahahaa Let’s do a quick check… too… See the result below…

Of course lah, Internet is very transparent one la. You can find their Malaysia price here..

Here is the Verdict!!!!! OK, all products are more expensive then you go to Bukit Indah and buy on the spot. So, I am guessing, there added in some markup for people to received funds in Singapore and transfer back, for people to bring the products across the border, I am not even sure if they need to quarantine in this case or not.. if they need, they probably need to stay for 14 or 21 days and the hotel may not be cheap. So, if you really really LOVE their food, then, don’t compare with Malaysia prices. Or just be like me, only compare after you received the goods. hahahahahahaha But for the craving, don’t care lah.

This is their Paying Method.

And on the day closer to the delivery date, they will tell you what’s happening… They may make some mistake, so make sure you check the list, and let them know.

On that day itself they actually will text you where the driver is. So, no quarantine? hahaha

And my goods are delivered to me on July 3.

All bakery product are sealed.

Wife Biscuit.

If I drive in, I also buy this many. hahahaha

I actually ran out of this hey-bee-hiam… Both Anchovy and Prawn Chilli… If you ask me this is No. 1 must buy… If anything you found in your fried rice, fried noodles, or any food at all taste no good, add this chilli paste to make it superd taste. hahahaha Very tasty chilli. I even eat it with Butter and bread.

I also bought a few of this to make my rice cooker chicken rice.

We also steam our fish with this sauce.

And if you miss Kolo Mee from Sarawak, you can buy these too. And the noodles. But you can use any noodles like Korean noodles.

Some thing I bought this time taste very nice too.


During Pendemic. If you run out of the Ming Ang Prawn chilli, there is nothing you can do. You can’t drive to Bukit Indah to buy. And it is too troublesome to ask your friends or relatives to buy and they have to figure out how to sent to you by Mail. So lucky that Ming Ang Finally thought of doing Internet order and arrange delivery.

Oh Yes, the price is much higher than comparing to Malaysia selling price. But Hey, you will buy this for your craving, and that must worth something. For me, I am so glad that I can order it from the Internet. And this is not thru Shoppee or Lazada.

So, If you really likes it, just order lah.

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