Golf Trainer – Chipping

Date: July 3, 2021

I bought this quite some time ago. Only last weekend I ask Jay to open up the package and set it up. It is a golf trainer for chipping shots. I used it in-door so that me and Jay can continuosly practice our chipping shot. Just like the putting mat.

Of course, I buy this from Taobao. I bought it around RMB 200+. So, it is around S$40. It is a very useful gadget.

This is the Taobao link I bought this.

Jay unpack the package but he needs to learn how to re-pack it back. hahaha

I think he is having lots of fun playing with it. And I notice when you place this golf trainer at the corridor (if you have one) is the best location. Because you sub-conciously will be careful of not hitting the balls to the two side of the narrow walls.. hahaha

I always believe in practice make perfect… so if you are not talented, you just keep chipping the ball until your muscle memory has remember it by hard. Just like hard memorizing the formulas during exam, etc… hahahaha

I also spent some time playing with it. hahaha

And Jay suddenly say, “Daddy, you can video slow-mo too”

So, why not… hahahaha

Oh.. very cool!

Here is another slow-mo shot…

So, we will spent some time practice the chipping everyday… hahaha Practice makes perfect!!!

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