I Accidentally Lost a lot of Weight

July 6, 2021

Chinese New Year 2021. When I go back in time to see all these photos, I did not realised back then that I was so “rounded”. It was about that time I think 2-3 days after the CNY dinner, that I went for a medical checkup with my heart surgent Dr. MC Tong. He commented, “I think it is best to reduce some weight.”

It is then I realiaze my weight has surpass 95Kg during the CNY 2021. Wow…

So, I started to walk the Bukit Timah hill again. Thinking that I can some how reduce some weight.

So, each walk lasted about 1 hour. If I push it, I can walk 2 hours sometimes.

So, I went on walking for 30 days in 2 months time. Unfortuntely the weight still fluctuate betweem 93-94kg. But I know losing weight takes time.

I also started cycling too. But my weight still did not come down so far.

Ever since I moved to Bukit Batok, access to “better” PCN is kind of far.

March 28 is the fisrt time I cycle on the Railway corridor. And it is after that I started to cycle to work. About 25km each way.

My weight unfortunately is still around 92-93kg.

April 13. The first time I playing golf in almost 2 years I think.

My boss kind of “force” me to play. He kept asking me for so many time, so one fine day on April 13, I said yes.

It was very tiring. But I burnt a total 2089 kcal from that golf game.

I started to play more golf. Taking buggy.

I re-watch all “Golf with Amy” youtubes. Because my boss friends all are good golfers. Somehow I need to make myself better too.

On April 23, I started to use Trolley. And I some times play 2 days of golf in a week.

And I bought a new 2nd hand bike, Tern X22 Black Bird. That means I can cycle longer distance liao.

I continue to play more golfs.

I bought more gadget – a launch monitor to check my swings and distance.

I will try to do 2 times a week cycling too.

And I started to play on Sunday. Keep social distancing. Drinking beer. Eat as per normal too.

The result is very encouring. On May 12, I was surprise to see my weight has gone down to 88kg. WOW!

Take note of the BODY FAT percentage. I was almost reaching 30% last years. Later you will see my body fat drop extremely fast.

By May 16, I was playing 3 golf games a week. Cycling to office 1-2 times a week.

And walking with the electrical trolley. And still drinking beer. (I know I know… bad for beer belly).

I started to take lots of selfies too in the lift.

Because of walking with trolley, I used up 3304kcal calories.

Each walk is about slightly less than 20km.

On May 23, my weight has gone down to 86.7kg.

May 31, it is school holidays, I managed to get Jay back to Golf finally.

And Zaw Moe is his coach. Each week, I will go to the driving range with him 2 times per week until the school holidays ended.

At home we do a lot of puttings too.

Jay can hit really far.

His swing speed is much faster.

And my body started to break down because of excessive golf and cycling.

Needs more gadgets to heal myself.

Luckily I got my massage chair and my knee, neck and ankle massager too.

You know you loose weight when you used to the 3rd hole of the belt … and now you can wear your belt at the 6th hold which is the last hole on a 38-42 inch belt. WOW.. this is super encouraging.

This is when I have almost lost 10kg. On June 5.

The measurement is as follow… 85.2kg on June 5.

In order to play more games, I also learned how to book the golf game with speedy fingers. It is hard but I now managed to book 1-2 games for the group of players too. Means I have earned my self a spot in 2-3 games per week.

Then, my Phigolf simulator came.

On June 20. For the first time ever, I walk the golf course carrying the golf bag on my back.

My bag is only 1.5kg and I bring lesser clubs.

On June 20, my weight is around 83.8kg. So, I have lost almost 12kg of fats.

My mom was shocked to see me in thin form.

And I am officially lighter than Jay. Jay is now 87kg. hahaha

I continue my routine to play golf and cycle.

This is the 5th time I have carrying my golf bag on the course.

I can wear tights liao. hahahaha

I still cycle in the weekend.

One more thing. Not only your belt reduce by 3-holes.. but my Apple watch wrist belt also reduce from wearing on the 4th hole to 6th hole.


What is the secret? There is none.

But I do conclude that…

  1. When I play golf early in the morning, I sometimes did not eat breakfast and rush out to the driving range as I like to hit 20-40 balls before my games. By doing so, I actually ACTIVATE my Intermitent Fasting without me knowing. Because I simply don’t feel hungry and I always focus in how to practice makes perfect and hit the golf course. So, my last eating hours is usually before 7pm. And by the time I go home and eat lunch it is already 1pm in the afternoon. So you can count, it is exactly 16-18 hours of fasting without food. Of course you drink water thru out the game and beer at the end of the game. So, If I may guess, my body without food for so long actually started to burn the inner fats for energy. I always don’t believe in Intermittent fasting, but I didn’t know I am actually doing it myself most of the time when I golf and cycle.
  2. The same goes to cyclling. I sometime started in 5:30am in the morning, once I wake up I hit the road straight away. By the time I come home is around 11-12noon. And again, 16-17 hours without solid food. What does that mean? It means you are fasting.
  3. After the game or cycling, I usually don’t feel that hungry. So, I eat less. But have huge huge dinner.
  4. The tightened measure period also help, because now, after the golf game, we cannot gather and drink and lunch together. So, I eat lesser during lunch time. Last time we drink wine and eat at the club there.
  5. I do 2-3 golf games per week. I practice 100-200 balls at driving range 2 times a week. I cycle 1-2 times > 70km per week. I stll drink beer, I still eat heavy dinner, like rice carbo etc etc.

So, I think I must have accidentally done that intermittent fasting that reduce my fats by more than 10kg.

You can tell from my July 3 measuring, my body at level is 22.9%. Where 2-3 months ago I was like 28% fat? hahaha So I feel great and I feel healthy. And I think my doctors are going to be very very happy.

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