Jay Jay at The Par Club

Date: Dec 3, 2022

Today I brought Jay Jay to The Par Club @ Marina Square. It is an indoor driving range with golf simulator.

So, just park the car at the Marina Square car park, take the escalator up. It is at the shops at the overhead bridge there.

OK, let’s see how much he fogotten about golf. Wow, not bad at all.

Not bad with smash factor 1.44, 260+ yards total distance.

Ask uncle Raymond come and teach teach a bit too.

Very nice tempo for the 58 degree wedges.

The beer is not bad too. Korean beer.

The tempo is really good. Why I cannot play like my son????

The club sandwich is so nice!!! The fries too! or is it I am too hungry??

I am glad he is having lots of fun. Before his school starts, I will bring him to play 10x 9-holes games. Stay tune!!



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