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Date:  Nov 28, 2013

This week is SITEX week.  So, it will be appropriate to talk about this.  🙂

I wrote a blog entry 16 months ago about the magic DNS that I have been using to access Netflix and Amazon Movies.

Magic DNS: 

This pair of DNS works fine until I changed my home router from ASUS Black Diamond into DLINK DIR-868L (AC1750).  According to the SmallNetworkBuilder router chart, the DLINK is ranked #2 on WAN-to-LAN throughput.  Scoring 931.4Mbps throughput.  My old trust worthy Black Diamond is 11 place behind with a score of 802.4Mbps throughput.

IMG 1724













Suddenly, my magic DNS breaks.  I think is the way how they do the DNS rerouting that breaks my magic DNS.  So, my son was sad as he can no longer watch Mighty Machines on Netflix.  I was sad as I cannot watch my favourite movies and TV shows.  

So, I decided to upgrade my home Internet and top up with the Freedom VPN service.  Using this service, the ISP will give a pair of DNS that will interface with Netflix and tell Netflix that “Hey!  I am in USA.” so that Netflix will allow us to watch Netflix from outside USA.

So, I went to ViewQwest to picked up a new ONT.  (Mine some how spoiled, after I mingled around the settings, etc).

IMG 2319






















OK.  I have to wait for 2 working days for ViewQwest to place my home IP address range into the “Super Magic DNS” servers.  Once that is done, my home Internet are given a new pair of DNS address.  

In this case, it is the ISP who give me the DNS so that I do not have to mingle around with the DNS settings on my IOS devices.

Two days later, I just type, and I am able to access Netflix without doing any special settings on my DNS settings.

IMG 2578













Jay was so happy to finally see Netflix working at my home again!

IMG 2580













There are so many cartoon and documentary he can watch.  Netflix is only US$7.99/month and it is much cheaper than Starhub Video on Demand services.

IMG 2582













So, I also configured the Hulu Plus on my TV.  And it is US$7.99/month again.  

[Go Google How to do it…] To sign up, simply click on Signup.  When you need to fill in the credit card info, I fill in the correct home address and card number, but I change the ZIP code (Postal Code) from 198798 into 19879.  And I check with the US zip code, there is actually a place in US owning that ZIP code.  And Walaaaa…. Hulu Plus activation is approved.

Hulu Plus provide more Korean shows.

IMG 2593













I am very sure there are ways to turn the Advertisement off.  But one of the annoying thing about the Hulu Plus is the Advertisement.

IMG 2596













Also there are some categories are not suitable for kids too.

IMG 2601






















I am very surprise that the speed of accessing and buffering the Hulu is VERY FAST.  Take a look at the video below and you know what I meant.  (After the Ads)  yes, and the Ads are indeed annoying.


Look at this one.  See what I mean the speed of playing the video.  And the video is quite good quality.


Now, if you compare to Netflix, the playing of video and the buffering takes slightly longer time.  About 15 seconds.  But the quality is also amazing.


Not only I can do Netflix and Hulu, I continue to sign up for PBS.

IMG 2606













PBS have quite good shows too.

IMG 2607













So, my recommendation is if you can afford the S$10/month, please get a FreedomVPN from ViewQwest and watch these fantastic shows at your own convenient time.  Quit cool.

Suddenly I felt like terminating my Starhub’s subscriptions and make it as minimal as possible.  Wahahaha.  Because I am paying almost $50/month for it but the contents are not much nowadays.  Wahahahahahaha.





  1. I don’t see Netflix coming to Thailand anytime soon. However, there are plenty of workarounds available to access it here in Thailand . Personally, I use UnoTelly for more than a year and I can access Netflix like I am in US.

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