Impressions on Building on Fire

Date: Nov 24, 2013

Jay has a two weeks project. Trying to draw a Van Gogh similar drawings.

Outlining and final touch.

He is having lots of fun in the art class.

Finally finish. Drying it now.

Fire in the building.

In his Robotics class yesterday, they designed robots to rescue people from a building that is crashed by an airplane.

So, this is Jay Jay’s building on fire!

Looks nice. Kay Kay’s flower vase is nice too.

Kay Kay signing his big name!

Nice or not nice?

Of course nice! Well done Kay Kay!

Tonight we will hang both on to the living room wall. Oh dear, running out of space soon!

Children always expressed their thoughts in paintings. He draw the fire in building. He drew the gondola boat as he saw it at MBS. After the painting ask the kids what are they drawing. They will then give you all kinds of reason why they use this color why draw that and so on…

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