Empurau Seafood Restaurant @ Mid-Valley Mall in Southkey JB

Date: Aug 16, 2023

My mom always likes to eat at Peking Restaurant in JB. But I always found that the fish they used in Peking restaurant is not as nice. Few months ago, we discovered a Chinese Seafood Restaurant called Empurau 忘不了鸡饭海鲜小厨 inside Mid-Valley Mall at Southkey, JB. We found the fish is nice and fresh. So, yesterday we went there again just to see if the food quality is consistent or not.

So, we asked the waiter what is the best and fresh fish they offer, he said Wild Live Sea Soon Hock (野生顺壳). I asked why he not recommend the promphet. He said promphet is frozen fish. The Soon Hock is live. And I remember, that is the one we ordered few months ago. And in order to taste the freshness, we opt for Hong Kong steam.

And the Hong Kong steam soon hock is so fresh, not old, so tasty, an nice!

Because I only eat with my mom, so, we cannot order too much food. So, we ordered the Double Egg Bittergord. This is the bittergord fried with chicken eggs and salted eggs. And It is really nice, the bittergord is not bitter at all, and it is tasty. After the meal, we don’t feel thirsty, so no MSG.

My mom ordered a clay pot minced pork binjal. And it is very apeprtizing and tasty too.

We love all the three dishes.

She loves the fresh fish. And I can see she keep non-stop taking the fish. hahaha

Here is the photo of the fish again.

2 people, and my mom is not big eater, and I just had my tooth implant, so still in pain, and expect not to eat much too. But we finished all the dishes with two white rice. Almost cleaned.

What is the damage? RM416.20 (SGD$122.24)

Fish is 900g at RM288 (SGD$84.60) a bit on the high side. But the key is fresh wild live fish. It is very fresh.

The vegetables is RM28.80 (SGD$8.46) each. Not that bad.

Barley water is RM4.80 (SGD$1.41) each. OK too.

Aiya, I covered the “tax” portion. I think there are two kind of tax, one is the 6% gov tax, the other must be the restaurant service tax something like that which is 10%.

Here is the address. I think they have a branch near by too. May be that coffee shop branch is cheaper?

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