Doing Groceries and Eating at Yaowarat (China Town) Bangkok

Date: Aug 31, 2019

I have a few meetings in Bangkok.

But I will always reserve some time for Golf and eating.

But first, must do my usual groceries. Buy some dried food back for soup, cooking etc.

Usually, I will take the BTS to Or Tor Kor Market which is near Chatuchak to buy my fish maw. But ever since Thomas (My Golf and Leisure Tour Guide and Car Transport) introduced me to buy the fish maw in Yaowarat (China Town), I tends to go there and buy.

So, on the last day before I fly out, I called Thomas to arrange for a transport to airport but via China Town.

It is so much easier to have a English speaking tour guide and Friend to bring you around. So, he brought me to this street,which is a market street to buy my fish maw.

This street is a side road on Yaowarat.

It closed after 6:30pm. So, if you want to buy your dried food groceries, you will need to come before it close.

Thomas brought me to this store, which is on the right, not far from the main road.

And I found my fish maw.

I bought a 300g packet for 1500baht.

This fish maw is magical. Can put in stir fry veggie. Can put into your instant noodles. Can put into your soup. Can put into your braised bee hoon and so on. If you cook laksa, it goes well. If you do salad, you soak it and add into your salad. Crunchy.

I also bought 300g of dried shrimps. It’s beautiful.

Of course I bought the smaller one. Big dried shrimps may be too big, and takes some time to chew.

Usually I only buy fish maw. But this trip I siao Liao. Buy so many things.

Next I bought 300g of these dried squid. Goes well in my spare ribs white radish soup.

I did not buy this. But the dried scallops looks great!

I also bought some Thai Kiam Chai. As well as this cashew nuts.

So, I am happy.

Before flying out. Thomas brought me to this place.

It is one of the Chinese restaurant on 8th floor in one of the corner Hotel.

I don’t have coordinates la. Please Google it for address.

I don’t know. But I Guess, the restaurant must be good so to have so many photos framed up.

It is really a lot of photos.


On both side of the wall.

The dim sum is nice. I was told it is the best dim sum in Bangkok.

Of course after I ate it, it is OK la.

It could be the best in Thailand but may not necessarily be the best outside of Singapore, China, Hong Kong or Taiwan.. Hahahaha if you get what I mean.

I am very sure, if you taste dim sum from other restaurant you might agree this is the best, but best in Bangkok.

This fish dim sum is nice. Cod fish.

Siew Mai ok.

I like this Ku-chai dumplings.

The steam carrot cake seems ok la. So if you are craving for Chinese Dim Sum in Bangkok, you can pay a visit here. I am sure other Chinese food served here should be nice too.

I went to Yaowarat three days in a roll.

It is very funny that what if I tell you that for my 20 years travelling to Bangkok, I had never once eaten in Yaowarat before? Wahahahahaha

This trip is the first time I have been to Yaowarat for food for three days in a roll.

First night, we went to eat this store.

Kwey Chap.

Hmmm… Why Thailand Kwey Chap looks so different.

It is actually a pepper Pig intestine soup with the Kwey roll up.

And it is nice.

The intestine are cleaned very cleanly. No smell.

And hey, it was listed on Michelin guide for 2018 and 2019.

Can try. It is on Yaowarat. I don’t have exact location. But when you walk on the main road it is easy to spot.

It opened until very late. We went there I think around 10:30pm.

First day at the Golf course, I ate my Pad Thai.

I also ate my Bak mee.

On the second day, I went to Kwang Seafood Restaurant near Huai Huang Metro station. The crispy fish is a killer.

So fresh and so nice with the sauce.

It was so crispy and when you dip the fish in the sauce, it goes nice with each other.

My Malaysia friends love to eat this sotong dish with the eggs (Squid eggs) in the squid ring. Very spicy.

Always my favourite. Crab meat fried rice.

And the morning glory with the fish sauces.

That was my lunch. At night, we paid a visit to Yaowarat again.

Not too bad won ton noodle. Very small bowl, just nice.

It is located in one of the corner of a road. Easy to spot.

Must always try the pork leg if possible.

pork leg. To replenish the collagen. Hahaha

Braised duck.

Pork Intestine soup again. But the first shop on the first night one is much better.

This is where we eat.

Just in case you ask me who is Thomas.

This is his name card. He can arrange all Golf games for you in Thailand.

He is also the one brought me and my family to Khao Yao 2 years ago.

Singaporean retired to Bangkok.

Enjoy. Created this blog entry so that next time if I happen to be in Bangkok again, I know what and where to get food. Wahahaha

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