Gadgets – WT2 Plus – Kickstarter “Universal Translator”

Date: Sep 1, 2019

Welcome to the first day of September 2019.

You know whenever you watch Star Trek, when Captain Kirk speak to any alien species, and it is always in English. Do you ever wonder why?

Because in the future, during the Star Trek era, there is this thing call Universal Translator, you don’t exactly know where is it located, may be in their comm badge, it translate your English to alien language and vice versa. Wait now, some times all these Star Trek character got caught by alien species and their comm badge always been taken or removed, so how it is possible the translator is located in the comm badge? Let me Google that later…

This is how it looks like. Not small.

It is a kickstarter project. If want to learn more about this, there is a nice YouTube video introducing this.

This is the box. It actually called AI Traslator Earbuds.

It is market as Natural Communication in ear to ear. So the idea is you place one of the earbud in your ear and the other you give to the person you going to talk to. Then, one earbud will translate your English to Japanese, for example and sent it to the other earbud in Japanese. Vice versa, the other person speak in Japanese, and it got translated to English and sent it to your earbud.

Quite cool, isn’t it? But, you sure you want to pass one earbud to some unknown person on the street? What about hygiene concerns?

Of course there are some other way. As per the video, you can wear your earbud, and let your Japanese Friend speak to your iPhone/smart phone. If you are not comfortable to put the earbud to the unknown person.

Here is the short menu items, some useful info.

You need to download the app. It must pair with your iPhone with Internet in order to get it working. It is real time, so they need to sent your audio file to get it translated in the Cloud.

I actually tried it, and it works well.

I put both earbuds in my ears and start speaking English and Japanese at the same time. I took out some learn Japanese book and start reading it. And I think it is more fun and more relevant to learn Japanese these way.

And I can also read the Japanese, and see if my pronounciation is correct or not. Hahaha

The ear pieces or earbuds is quite big. But as Long as it works, OK la.

The case can charge the earbuds just like the Apple AirPods.

If it cannot fit your ear, there is a ring they provide to wrap around your ear.

The app is a very simple App.

It tells you the battery info as well as if both earbuds are connected or not.

There are three modes you can choose.

1. Simul mode means, each person wear 1x earbud and start talking. You have to do this in quite place to get best result. And since you are not sharing your earbud, so, you can be like me, wear both to learn a new language.

2. Touch mode means, they only start listening when you touch the earbud. It is like walkie talkie like that.

3. Speaker mode means, one side use the ear bud, and the other side is using handphone, in speaker mode. Your Friend will speak to the handphone, and hear from the speaker of the handphone. More hygiene.

I am impress with the speed of translating. It is almost like real time. Hahaha once you completed your sentence, within 1s, it will get translated. Of course, it is also depending on whether you have good Internet or not.

Here are the list of language you can translate.

Of course, for me, I am testing Japanese, Chinese, Cantonese, Indonesia Bahasa and Thai language. So it is very useful.

This is how it looks.

Based on my experience. This earbud is quite convenient. But when you get roaming in another country, depending on the Internet condition in your roaming country, the result can be good or bad. You can’t change that. And it has nothing to do with technology.

But one thing I found it very convenient is, when you want to learn a new language, you can just sit in your massage chair for 30minutes and keep talking to yourself. It will get translated, and you try to say the foreign language, and you get to hear if you say it correctly or not. So this is very useful for people who is learning a new language.

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