How to Play 3-Players Mahjong

Date: Feb 13, 2021

That day, my friend forwarded me a facebook link that has the rules of how to play Malaysia style 3-players mahjong. So, I cut and pasted all the image here for my own knowledge.

The original link is here:

In order to play 3-players mahjong, you remove the 万子 (Characters Wan-zi cards) and the bamboo (suo-zi) cards. Keep only the Dots/Circles cards (筒子 tong-zi).

There is a 飞 cards which is the joker card.

All together, there are three players, and the total cards in play is 84 tiles.

How to Play?

After shuffling your cards, you stack them up. Each will have 14 pairs of card face down in front of you.

Same rules as 4 players mahjong.

Same rules for the Pong and Kang cards.

To win, you must have 5-double. If you have less than 5-double, you cannot win.

The winning is exactly same as the four player mahjong.

If you win > 10 double, then, all winning is double.

The joker card is special. It can be any card. Also, if you pick up the card that the joker replace, you can swap it, and keep the joker in your hand. It can help you win too.

This is how to calculate the doubles.

How to calculate the doubles.

More on how to calculate doubles.

More on how to calculate doubles.

More on how to calculate doubles.

Last image on how to calculate doubles.

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