Happy 24th Anniversary

Date: Sep 12, 2022

Happy 24th Anniversary @ 2022. This year, she booked the Les Bouchons.

This year, she booked the Les Bouchons. May be because she supplies fresh aquaponics veggies to this restaurant too?

Saw this 2014 Pagodes from Saint Estephie when we walked in, so, I ordered it as the wine of tonight. WAH… so expensive. I bought at much cheaper leh. I got a case at home. haha

Few things I must say.

1) Both Jay & Kay has fully grown up into fine young man. So, 99% of the time, they don’t need our supervision anymore. Jay is now taking O-Level prelims. He has passed his Chinese, i.e. B4. He has applied to Singapore Poly for Electrical Electronics Engineering. And he is happily been accepted to Singapore Poly (just few days ago). So, why I mentioned Chinese? Well, he also designed his path so that he does not need to “retake” Chinese O-level exam in Oct/Nov. And in Poly, he shall not be bothered by Chinese liao. Congrates to him making all these decision, applications by himself. We are very happy that he got accepted by Singapore Poly, and together with some of his best friend in SST, they will have happy time in Poly. Why I am so proud of him? Because he chose not to have tuition since 4 years ago until now. Zero Tuition, save so much money, and got thru his O-level!!! Bravo Jay. One new iPhone for you!! hahaha

2) Kay is doing okay in Secondary 1 too. A few subjects at the border line. But hey, that is because he might have spent a bit too much time in gaming. Well, Sec 1 is always the honey moon period and most will fail one or few subjects. This is the correct path. So, we are so happy that he managed to take good care of himself in school. He still making friends all over. We are especially happy with he always stay back to played basket ball with his friends and senior students @ Dunearne Secondary School. They school is 900 meter away from the Madeira (our home). So, he happily walked home every day. Just last week, he take MRT to Pei Tong and joined his friends to visit the teachers at Pei Tong Primary School. He also went to his friend place to play games. And most importantly, he learned how to activate his student card with the SMRT Easylink. Well, we purposely didnt do it for him and wait for him to do it himself. And we are so proud that he figured he need to do that on his own.

3) Both kids need not our supervisions anymore. They are self-initiated and they study on their own. That means, my wife can go and do her Aquaponics business in a much bigger way. So, every one has him/her own ambitions, so, let her be, let her had all the space and support to do what they like to do. So, setting up the Aquaponics farm in few building at the Autism Center, selling veggies to the restaurant, consulting to many other farms, and now she even thinking wanted to do it in Batam. So, she is an Ox, so she worked hard and I knew she will succeed.

4) As for me, I have been a responsible father for this two kids since very young until last year. Once I have assessed that they can take care of themselves, no longer need me to ferry them here and there, that is why I can enjoy so much golf games these day. As of today, I have played 147 games in 2022. Last year, I played I think 137 games nia. And as Asian countries start opening up, I started to travel again to do business plus golf trips. I guess I earn this. And while I still can last, let’s push my hearts even furthur. You know after my quadruple heart bypass, the last two years are the time I really enjoy myself. I still do work, bring in the revenue, and profits, pay the necessary dividents to partners. I learned one thing in life, you do not need to keep earning so much money, life is short, so please play it hard. Go do what ever you like to do. I have put aside enough CPF for both the kids (yes, kids has their own CPF account, and now earning compound interest, by the time they graduate from uni, they can pay downpayment for any HDB home). I have put aside some educations funds for them. So, to make sure they have good and nice education, the one they like.

The food here is a bit high class. But I think so-so nia.

I love the multi color beet roots.

The bone marrows is nice. But a bit jer-lat.

The beer is really so-so nia. Chef Patrick’s Atout’s beef is still the best ya.

This Wagyu also so-so nia. A bit chewy.

Kay, as usual, eat burger. Wagyu Burger. He says it was ok.

Happy 24th Anniversary to us again. Next year will be the big year. 25th.

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