Skin Tag Remover

Date: Dec 12, 2022

What’s new? I have played 187 golf games this year. What else?

Oh ya… I want to recommend something I bought from the Internet.

let’s take a look at this photo. Observe my eye lid on the left.

Ya. Since don’t know how many months ago, there is this irritating skin tag grown on my left eye lid. It actually bothers me. And I actually asking around my friends, doctors to see how to remove it. Some says small procedures to remove it. Some says better let eye doctor do it as it is around the eye area.

Until, I met this handsome guy, Dr. Tay. He says, he got the skin tag remover kit. And he will do it for me.

As a matter a fact, I bought the same thing, i.e. Smootag, a couple months back. But I have no idea how to use it, or no confident to do it on myself. I bought it directly from the website. And it cost about US$117 for 2 boxes. It is not cheap ya for such a simple thing. Hahahaha But I can tell you, it works.

So, Doctor Tay say, he has done it before. So the aim is to remove that skin tag on my eye lid.

I also Dr Tay, who you perform this on? Dr. Tay said, his dog has a skin tag at the eye lid too. That is why he bought it and remove the skin tag on his dog’s eye lid. He said, just nice, same location, proven.

WOW! I am the human trial. hahahahahahahahahaha

See the small translucent rubber band is tied tightly around the skin tag. This suppose to cut of the blood circulation, and once there are no blood circulation, the skin tag will sort of “died” and become dried and drop off automatically.

Here are the box and instruction.

More info from the box.

This is the rubber band insertion tool. Such a simple concept.

The aim is to place the rubber band firmly to “tie” the skin tag.

This is the rubber band on the tip of the tool.

And you roll the rubber band to up at the far end. Then, you detach the ferrur needle.

OK, I still got a lot of skin tag over at my neck there. Over the next few days, let’s try it.

I actually try one by myself. And see if it works or not.

1-day later. The skin tag on my eye lid turn darker color. I am guessing that the blood circulation has been cut off. So, the blood has no way to go, so, it become dried up there.

2-days later. The skin tag is gone. I tried to find it, and it is on my bed. That dried skin tag drop off on to my bed.

Yeah!!!!!! IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!

Yeah… see, no more skin tag. Of course, there is a small little left over scar there. But it will heal.

It is amazing. The skin tag has gone!

Since it works! So, I proceed to do a mass remover of some of the big skin tag around my neck.

Now, here’s the thing, depending on how your skin tag grow. Some is easy to remove as the root area is fat enough so the smallest rubber band are easy to tie it. Some are so skin and the rubber band failed to cut the blood circulations.

As you can see, the darker color one is actually good. Those that never change color are badly done.

What do you do with the badly done ones? That is where you need another pair of stead hands with twizer and cutter.

Then, you re-do again.

So after 1-week later. Most skin tag has been cleared.

And the healing is quite good.

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