Feng Shui of Our New Home – Part 1

Date:  June 18, 2019

I am a business man.

Sometimes, business men or women rely heavily on Feng Shui to ensure good lucks always fall on him/her so to bring more prosperity.

This is like, you have the lion dance during Chinese New Year, etc.

Of course prosperity does not come only because you did you Feng Shui properly.  You still need to be kind to people, be very hard working to bring in deals, do good deeds every now and then, etc.  Feng Shui played a part but not the most crucial part.  It simply eliminates the excuses you might have if anything goes wrong… i.e. “Aiya, I should have done this”, “Aiya, I should have done so and so…”

My old home has been a happy home for me since 2001 until now.  I feel that there are a lot of Qi (气) surrounding my old home @ Park West.  So, now since I am moving to a new place, in terms of Feng Shui, we need to perform the move house ritual properly so that the same Qi can exist in the new home.

June 18 is the day we have selected.


Roselyn is my Feng Shui master (I called her Master since she has done an excellent job for me for the last couple of years).  She lookup the calendar and check if it is suitable.  She also checked the stars too.  At first, she wanted me to moved on Father’s day, as there are a few lucky stars appeared on day.  But movers also have a life, and they don’t move on Sunday.  They can, but the new Condo also won’t allow it.  So, I need to move during week days.

June 18 is a great day to move.


Roselyn knew me so well.  She knew that I wouldn’t do anything, and simply just move my home on that day.  So, she prepared the list for me, and wanted me to follow it strictly.

I bo-pian have to listen to her lor.  But it is also fun la.  As I have never done it before, so, for fun sake, and for Feng Shui purpose, I agreed to perform the following task.

The new timing for June 18 is 11am-12noon.

The male owner (which is me) must go in first.  No other people can enter except but me.

The important thing to do:  (I just blindly follow la)


  1. You need Rice in a bucket.  Fill the rice up to 80% of the bucket.
  2. Prepare a Ang Bao, of course put some money in it.  Place it in the rice bucket.
  3. The bowl, plates, chopsticks, spoon and fork must place in a bucket 30% filled with water.  Those that you used in the old place, bring it over.
  4. Need to prepare, wood or charcoal (柴), cooking oil (油), salt (盐), sauces (酱油酱青辣椒酱etc), vinegar (醋), tea (茶) to bring over.
  5. The male owner goes into the new house, followed by female owner, and then the young juniors.  All family members must go in first then the outsider can step in.  During the auspicious hours, cook something for the family and guest and enjoy the moving.
  6. The male owner, when performing his first step into the new house, he has to throw 18 bronze money to the floor of the new home.  Both feet then step in, and and then, must shout loudly saying auspicious thing, like huat ah, bring in the prosperity ah, whole ground are gold la, money keep coming in la… etc.

That’s it?  That is what I was told.  Let’s look at what I have done or what I have followed on that day.  I will try to keep as close as possible.

On June 18.  Roselyn came to my old place.  And she brought this for me.  This will be the most important ritual, by lighting up the charcoal in this and bring it over.

Excuse me?  What did she said?  “light up the charcoal, and bring it over?”

Thousand things across my mind immediately.  Later tell you…


Early in the morning, we went to Don Don Donki @ Orchard Central, Cold Storage @ Jelita, Sheng Siong @ Clementi Ave 2.   To buy ingredients to cook my bee hoon.


This is my rice to bring over.  With the Ang Bao.  Checked!


The charcoal to bring over.  The vinegar, the soya sauce, the oil, the tea, the salt, everything prepared.


Don’t forget my utensils.  In a bucket 30% filled with water.  All these have to bring over.


And Roselyn started the fire.

Me:  “Errr… we need to bring this to the lift here.  It is a Condo.”

Roselyn: “It’s ok.  The security guard will be ok one.  You are moving house.”

Me: “Wouldn’t it trigger the smoke detector in the lift?”

Roselyn: “It’s ok.  Very small.  No smoke.”

Me: “But at the other condo, at the lobby got new Daikin air con.  There will be ok?”

Roselyn: “It’s ok.  they will understand.”


Without wasting any more time… Let’s do it.  This small charcoal stove is going into my car.

Yeap.  My car will have to transport this charcoal from my old home to my new place.  About 4km ride.  10-15min depending on traffic.

Roselyn: “Don’t worry, it will be ok.  Not much smoke.”


But I really tell you.  It was so fun.

We transported it in my car.

Smoke is every where.

I didn’t dare to turn on the aircon.

I wind down the windows.

But it was raining or rather drizzling.

Roselyn: “Water is fortune.  Means money”.

Exiting AYE turning into Bukit Batok Rd.

Me: “Ermmm… is it my imagination, is the fire getting too big?  Will it burn my compartment rubber”

Roselyn: “Wah… I think the fire is very 旺.”  (means I am very properous la.)

We stopped at the road side, and try to wet the top charcoal so to slow down the burning.

A piece of charcoal drop to my car carpet matt.


And it burned a little.

Well, if you have decided to do something, you got to give 100% confident and do it.

You can’t stop half way.

So, just get it replaced which I did later.  又出才有嘛!


Mean while, at the old home, things are getting moving.


We arrived safely at the new Condo.

We checked no one at the lift and we quickly went in.


Jay cannot tahan the smoke.  hahahahahaha


And here we go.


Roselyn has prepared the script for me to say.


Huat ah!  The throw old bronze money ceremony.

Roselyn even prepared the “real” (I think is real real real) Qing Dynasty bronze money for me.  I throw the money on the floor and it suppose to stay there for 3 days.  Then, collect it and keep it.


This is to ensure money keep coming into this house.


Of course every one wants long life.


My wife then take the fire charcoal and move it to the kitchen.

The fire charcoal is successfully and eventfully transferred from the old home to the new home.


The job is not done yet.  We must cook the first pot of water, and drink it all.


And of course, I cooked the most simple dish, Tu Kar Bee Hoon.  Treated my family and guest.  All have a full stomach.


In order to enhance the power or Qi of the house, we must activate the centre of the house.


Got to place a red or yellow or orange light up here at the exact centre of the house.

Possibly place a 9 fish picture here or thousands or hundreds “Fu” (福)  or thousands or hundreds Life (寿) picture.

So, let me and my wife think and see how to solve this.

Without delay, we decided what to do.


We bought this from Taobao.


We gave the store on Taobao the exact measurement, and customised it to 2 pieces of windows.  The cost is about RMB120 for the film, and S$10 for air freight to ship it over to Singapore.  Very cheap.  hahaha


From outdoor, you will see like this.  Not so intrusive.


For inside, it looks pleasant.  The outside lights still can penetrate in.  Plenty of lights.

As you can see on top, we added a light, connecting to Philip Hue bulb.  So, any time I can change colour as well as the power of the light.  So, we were testing all the colours and found this colour the most pleasant and non-intrusive.  So, this light is the always on light at home, lid up 7x24x365.


My mom and the Feng Shui 9 Fish picture.


The night of June 18.  All boxes here transferred.

All Feng Shui were done properly.


Next, is to transfer some of the Feng Shui items from old house and reactivate it in the new house following the flying stars.  That will be the story in Part 2 in near future.

Just in case, you want to know who is my Feng Shui friend.  Is Roselyn.  🙂

Screenshot 2019-07-06 at 7.54.39 AM.png






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