Malaysian (Singapore PR) Renew Passport in UTC Johor

Date: Feb 28, 20223

I am still a Malaysian holding a Malaysian passport. I am also a Singapore PR holding Re-Entry Permit.

My passport is going to expire in Jan 10, 2024. And I have many overseas trips coming up, therefore, I have decided to renew my passport on Feb 14, 2023.

After research and hearing what my friend did, renew the passport ONLINE is the way.

Here I will share my personal experience of doing so.

Softcopy Passport Photo

This is probably the most important steps. Submitting a photo they like.

Go to a professional photo shops to take a passport photo professionally. Yes, I paid $12 for a photo taken just downstairs of my condo. Wear a dark color collar shirt. Gel your hair nicely so can see forehead. Don’t wear glasses if possible to avoid reflections or cannot see the eye. Don’t smile. The just want a photo like below. No need hard copy. They just need a JPEF file. Below is the sample of the photo. Notice that there are too much shirt portion in the photos. So, you will need to still EDIT this photo later in order to make it perfect.

If you study the requirements given by the below. You notice that the head has to big enough in the photo and the shirt portion need not to be too much. So you got to make sure the photo leaves how much space above and below, how much shirts is shown, etc.

And as a result, I have this photo. Which is perfect.

If you sent them a PERFECT PHOTO, then, you do not need to RETAKE it at the UTC Johor there.

As you can see, my photo is accepted by them so that they can make my passport without retaking the photo. Many people need to retake the photo at the counter because they did not submit a nice perfect photo according to their specifications. And thus, they need to take a little bit more time to make their passport.

Fill In Online Application

Above is the website you go to fill in the renew application. It is pretty straigh forward. I encounter no problem at all.

The only thing is that ENGLIGH button does not work. Hahahaha, so, you still need to read and understand the Bahasa Malay.

Here are some useful links to help you… you can read about other people experience.

Don’t try to choose Singapore, it might not work. For me I choose UTC Johor.

For my friend, she chosen Singapore. It does not work, so, she has to choose back UTC Johor. Later, she called the High Commissions in Singapore, and they actually tell her can allow her to pick up the passport in Singapore. But then, she encounter some problem and have to go to the embassy to few days later. She thought she can use the new passport while her old one got cancelled. Her new passport got problem. So, she stucked in Malaysia that day for her golf game. She have to stay in JB one more day and solve her passport problem the next day at UTC/Immigration there. So, the lesson here is, do not do not renew your passport so soon as you know you are travelling the next day. hahaha

OK, then, you pay the money. And you get this. Please PRINT OUT a hard copy of receipt of proof of payment. You will need this. They will not accept soft copy on the phone. It has to be printed out. And must bring over there.

Now, we wait. They will need half day of business day to process it. I actually apply it at night on Feb 13. So, by Feb 14 noon, you will receive an email notification to ask you to make appointment. And yes, you can actually get it done within one day.

The link to make the appointment is here.

You can try scheduling the appoitment. You will need the payment receipt no and the application no. They will tell you that they are still processing it. So, wait patiently. For me, I am travelling to Bangkok for golf the week after, so, I do not want to risk it. So, I make the appointment few days after I come back from Bangkok.

Once you successfully make the appointment. There will be a appoitment letter. Please bring that hard copy of appointment letter too. So, this is what you need. That’s it.

  1. Payment Receipt
  2. Appointment letter
  3. Your current passport
  4. Your MyKad IC

Appointment Day to Pick Up the passport

I drove in. It was quite a smooth traffic. My appointment is 10am. I use a longer route via Tuas. As they usually have shorter jam at Tuas. But longer distance la.

Just after I drove passed MENARA ANSAR, I immediately turn right into the next car park. That is the car park for UTC Johor. When I arrived there isn’t much cars in the car park.

I arrived 9:50am. So, take a few minutes to orientate myself. Get to SECOND FLOOR (2nd FLOOR). UTC is there. You will see this queue. There are some seats too. So, don’t queue here because you are here to pick up the passport. So, walk straight to the door, tell the police there you have appointment. Then he will ask for …

  1. Payment Receipt (must print out hardcopy)
  2. Appointment letter (must print out hardcopy)
  3. Your current passport
  4. Your IC

Then, he will give you a queue number and return you your IC. Ask you to help to take the passport + receipt + appointment letter (all paper clipped together) to counter 9 and palce it in the basket.

Looks like I am behind 2 persons.

The time is 9:57am. And after you submit your passport there in the basket. You wait.

10:01am, my name is called from the most right counter (the pick up counter).

Too my surprise, I was not asked to retake my photo, and they hand over the new passport to me. The time is 10:02am.

So, do it properly, make sure the photo is up to their standard and you will get your passport within 5m min at the UTC Johor. I got it yesterday on Monday. So, don’t choose weekends to go, because you may expect a queue or people. I also don’t go 9am like that… because I knew there is always a bunch of people like that timing.

Dont forget to transfer the REP Re-Entry Permit (your Singapore PR) to the new passport. Which is like 2 min job. I suggest you do it before you come back. Otherwise, they will ask you why never fill in the ARRIVAL CARD. because you are using new passport!! For me, I just pass him my old passport tell him I will transfer it once I got back to Singapore.

After this, I got plenty of time to go visit my mom.

Went to KSL to eat with her.

Bring my son to clean up my EcoNest apartment.

And got to thanks my golf buddy Albert supplying me this … now my whole apartment smell so nice… after spraying this on the curtains, sofas and carpets.

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