Our First Malaysian Style 3-Players Mahjong

Date: Feb 13, 2021

Today, I am teaching my kids the Malaysia Style 3-Players Mahjong. It is easy to play, it is easy to understand and it is very fast to play.

To play this 3-Players Mahjong (one of the variation of Malaysian’s 3-Players Mahjong) you only need these cards. A total of 84 tiles.

If you want to learn how to play… you can check on my other post.

And Jay won the first hand in 2 minutes. See, I told you, very fast to win.

Even Kay Kay can win a game. So nice to have 2x jokers Fei cards.

The kids quickly get the hang of it.

And Kay Kay won again, with four jokers in hand. hahaha

Our first round, only Kay got four of the jokers. hahaha So lulcky.

I also win. So every one has a chance to win. I have not taught them how to calculate winnigs yet.

And we are playing on our Surname customised mahjong set. 廖家人在廖家打廖家麻将

Here are final comments…

  1. Very easy to learn.
  2. Very fast to play. And finish a round of mahjong.
  3. I told the kids Mahjong is for clever people. Only clever people knows how to play clever mahjong. So they very eager to learn and play.
  4. I told the kids play mahjong will prevent Dementia Alzheimer, etc.
  5. I also lectured the kids not to get addict in playing mahjong which associate to gambling.
  6. Play for fun is alright, but get addicted is not cool.
  7. 小赌怡情 means gamble a bit like peanuts, M&Ns is ok. But don’t get addicted to gambling.
  8. There is a lot more to teach them ya.

OK, if you want to know where I custom made my mahjong, it is from Taobao. And for RMB350 (About S$70). Here is the link.


I also custom make my Ang Pao too. I also did it at Taobao. Below is the link.


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  1. Hey MiniLiew, great post! Question – how do you calculate the winnings? Like say, you win 9 fan, J hit the winning card to you. Does he pay you Bet Amount x 9 x 2 and then K pays you Bet Amount x 9? And then, K also pays J any differences in their fan, so if J has 6 fans and K has only 2 (below 5 fans), does that mean, K also pay J Bet Amount x 6?

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