Jay Inline Skating – Overcome The Slope

Date: July 22, 2013

It’s a lovely afternoon.  We decided to go downstairs to do inline skating and cycling after Jay Jay finished all his homework.

IMG 4776

I certainly will do something to get rid of those two extra wheels next time.  This time, let’s focus on Jay Jay’s inline skating.

IMG 4768

In June holidays, Jay Jay attended a 4 mornings of inline skating camp with “Skate with Us” school.  So, this time, will be the first time he is on the skates after so many weeks.  It will be his 5th time on the skates too.


Of course he is very happy!  Jay knows that he probably are not good at school works, but, this roller blade thingy, he feels very proud of.  Although not yet mastering it, but he just feel proud to be skating.  Just like what he did for the skiing last year at Niseko.

IMG 4779

Of course, he felt down many times today.  Especially going thru this uneven ground.  HaHaHa

He has to learn how to roll thru it without falling.

Each time when he felt, I do not go and hold him up.

自己跌倒自己爬起来.  Yes, we should always let our kid to be independent, and pick himself up when he fell down.


That is the important recipe to make him feel confident.  He has done it in his two wheel bicycle, skiing, now, this kid is going to do it again in his roller blading.


That’s the confident I am talking about!  He can even play games with Kay Kay while on his wheels.


A confident smile indeed!


This is the slope that he felt down many times.  And most of the times, he fell on his butt.  Very painful.

Again, of course, I do not go and help him to pick him up.  He has to do it himself.  Got few times, he seems to be unsure about the confident thingy.  That is where you come in and show him how you would do it.  

It is this way that you walk up a sloop.


And it is this way that you roll down the slope.


If you fell down, try to see why you fell.  And learn how to avoid falling.


Yes Jay!  You have done it!  Daddy is very proud of you.


And again and again, you roll down the slope without fear.


There is nothing to be afraid of.

IMG 4782

So, you can see Jay Jay’s confident in inline skating increased.  So, in no time, both Father and son can go inline skating at East Coast Park.  🙂

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/Nkp_2yIZxNk

Today a lot of parents are at the BBQ pit there, and swimming pool too.  They all turn their head over to watch Jay Jay fall and stand up by himself.  Their eyes trying to get my attention as they were wondering, why this father let his kid fall down so many times.  But each time, when Jay Jay stand up on its own, they face expression turn into smile.

Yes, that is precisely what you as a parent have to do, when you are teaching your kids some sports that will involve falling.

IMG 4775

Jay & Kay, our next fun will be Ice Skating.  We will rule that next time!  Ha Ha Ha.  But first, we will fix Kay Kay 4 wheels bicycle problem.  Ha Ha Ha…


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