NTUC Home Services 6788-8788

Date:  Feb 2, 2016

NTUC Home Service Hotline:  6788-8788

Thank you my friend Chester for recommending me this.

This is a handy number that every one should keep at home.

If you have any problem with the electrical system at home, normally you will call the contractor and hope his electrician is around to help you to fix the problem.

But, so close to Chinese New Year, you might have problem finding one.

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So, we picked up the phone and call.

You don’t need to be a NTUC member to call this number.  Anyone can call.  And it has 90-day warranty, whatever it means.

Screen Shot 2016 02 02 at 10 34 55 AM

They are like superman.  They will fix every thing for you.  Of course supplied by different vendors.

Look at their whole list.

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So, yesterday my wife called the number.

Our electrical ON-Off switch is spoiled.  She bought a new one from Hardware store for $7.90.

The hotline says it is very close to Chinese New Year so it may takes some time to find.  30 minutes later, a guy called and says he can make it on 9:30am the next day.

And the guy came to fix and replace it.

IMG 0236

At one point, the screw holder was broken, so, he went downstairs to take his drill.  And make a new hole.

Spent about 20 minutes and he got it replaced.

Nice and new.

Good workmenship.

IMG 0242

And the charges are $43.  Wow!  That is cheap.

The workmanship is $25 and the transport is $18.

And this is a company from High Land Electrical Co at North Bridge Rd.

My wife called to Brighthouse to ask for assistant, they quoted $75 without material.  

So you compare, the service from vendors of NTUC Home Service is nice!

IMG 0237

And the transport fee tariff is published.  So, they cannot over charge you.

Screen Shot 2016 02 02 at 10 32 56 AM


This is the first page of their practise notes.

Screen Shot 2016 02 02 at 10 44 50 AM

Happy customer.


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