Cook with Ken: Home Made Burger

Date:  Sep 8, 2013

As what Jamie Oliver pointed out…

Don’t eat MacDonalds.

So, make your own burger.  

Very easy.

IMG 7088

No need burger bread.  Can use normal bread.  Spread butter on it.

You can spread more… not healthy?  Well, better than MacDonalds.  haha

IMG 7079

You feel guilty of eating too much meat or butter or cheese, put veggies.  Lots of it.

IMG 7080

Tomato sauce is the main ingredient.  That is the sauce to bring out the beef taste.

IMG 7081

The Beef Burgers.  Of course, don’t buy those in the frozen packet.  Those, in my opinion, is no diff than the macDonalds.  

So, when you walk over to the fresh meat country, there always have fresh meat burger there.  

I used Angus beef burger.

Heat the pan, heat the oil.  I used garlic flavoured olive oil.

Turn to slow fire.  (small fire).

Slowly cook your burger.

Turn it around when you see the bottom part started to get cooked.

Cook to fit your taste.

IMG 7082

I know.  Such a big piece of burger.

So, put more greens on it.

IMG 7083

Put a piece of cheese on top of it.

IMG 7084

Spread more butter.

And cover the top.

That’s it.

IMG 7085

One “healthy” burger.

IMG 7078

Jay Jay definitely loves it.

IMG 7092

My breakfast.  Still got Apples and 5-Green-Veggies Juice.

IMG 7093

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