My Chinese and English e-Book Workflow

Date: April 20, 2019

A lot of friends ask me how to get Chinese e-books onto my iPad to read. Here is my how- to answer to explain my workflow. Hope it make it easy for you too. As per Chinese saying 活到老学到老, all these workflow are for my own learning purpose, and educational purpose. My purpose is to equipped myself with knowledge that ease up my day to day routines.

Especially now, since I am moving to a smaller living space, I am trying to download the soft copies of the books I already own. Yes, I already have most of the hard copies, and plans to download the soft copies of the book.

Step 1. I would research on the Google to find out how to get the Chinese e-books. As you can see below, I went into the URL website to find the books I want…

(Note:  If you are using iPhone to access this website.  Please make sure Settings->Safari->Open Links = In Background, this is to turn off the offensive Pop-Up advertisement, iPad will not have any problem, Safari on iMac/Macbook will not have any problem too)

VI is a text editor on Unix or linux. In my opinion it is very powerful although a lot of people dislike it. You can type or program very fast if you learn how to use vi editor.

I am a Chinese, so, I would read the Chinese book twice as fast as I read a English book. Bo-pian, my first language is Chinese.

Ok, I found the book I want.

Step 2. Scroll down to click on 点击下载 (click here to download). I do everything on my iPad.

Step 3. Click on 微软云盘. Yup, click Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage.

Step 4. Then select the format of the book. Usually they have awz3, ePub or mobi format. awz3 is for Kindle hardware. ePub is for Apple Book app. mobi is for Kindle hardware or Kindle app on iPad.

Usually, I like to use Kindle app to read the books. So I choose to click mobi format download.

Step 5. Now it will show the book format you want and ask you to confirm again the download. Click download.

Step 6. Then select and click Open in Kindle…

this will download the book and load it into the Kindle app.

Step 7. Kindle app is launched with the book you just downloaded opened.

you can read it immediately. All the index links works within the Kindle app.

Back up in the Kindle app to go to your library. You will see that your app is sitting down there.

I strongly recommend to read books on iPad mini (5th generation). It’s light, and portable.

It’s almost like reading a real physical book without the the physical book. You can press the i for footnote too.

Ok. I just changed the title of this blog to include English book as well.

If I want English books, let’s say to read a photography book by Bryan Peterson. I would go to the following website address, to search for the book.

As you can see, there is a lot of versions and books. Find the one you need. For example, I clicked on the second item, the ePub version. Click on the [1].


Then it will show he cover page and the description of the book. Now click on GET.

Since I am getting a ePub version of the book, it will launch the Open in Kindle… link. Click on that.

and Kindle launches the book in its app.

That is how easy to convert your hard copies into soft copies.


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