Lobster Porridge at New Chua Kee

Date: Jun 10, 2022

A wise choice indeed. After our 2 hours massage at 皇足轩 while we wash our car at RM28 after the RM10 discount coupon… I asked the gang “Do we want to eat Durian or dinner?” All golfers says they wanna eat.

So we head to our next destination: New Chua Kee Restaurant at Gelang Patah. I recalled the previous few trips we didn’t make it here as we were so full after durian. Hahahaha.


And here we are… New Chua Kee Restaurant. Must go early on Friday evening. The restaurant is fully packed after 7pm.

They have another Chua Kee at another place. But this one is the one we went as they serve lobster porridge at New Chua Kee only.

And this is what we love the most. And we end up ordering another big bowl at the end of our meal. The infamous lobster porridge. This bowl cost RM230. The other bowl is RM219. Price is based on the weight of the local lobster itself.

It is really good. 龙虾粥真是鲜甜美味。

Next to order is this delicious chicken wings. I don’t know what it is called. But it is nice and delicious.

Four heavenly king veggie. 四大天王. Quite nice. But no petai can be found.

A dried pork throttle bee hoon. It’s dry but not soaky. Very nice. Especially goes well with the Sambal from the lala.

I was told this is Red snapper brother – “brown snapper”. It is very tasty and good. They steam it with their own special sauce. Similar to Hong Kong steam style.

Arhat brown snapper is big ya.

Sambal sotong.

Sambal lala. Very nice Chilli sambal.

Lastly we have the braised tofu.

I am glad we did not went to get durian. Because after durian sure have no stomach to eat this.

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