Car Remote Key Battery – CR2032

Date: Sep 12, 2022

Take note! Your car’s remote key battery can go dry. So, please stock up 1-2 extra battery in your car. Also figure out how to manually open your car with the manual key (every car is different) hidden inside your remote car key. Learn how to open the Car remote key and retrieve the manual key, change the battery, and learn how to turn of the car alarm without a battery powered remote car key.

This trip to KL, I parked my car at Le Meredien Hotel car park. I already sensed a day earlier that my car key battery is about to die. As I could not unlock my car even I stand near. But I bo-chap, until when I wanted to drive home to Singapore, the car door cannot be unlocked, the car cannot be started, etc.

So, I thought this CR-2032 battery is easy to buy, but not so. I went to all the shops, 7-Elevens, Supermarkets in KL Sentral, and could not find this type of battery. Luckily, my friend picked me up and drove me to Bansar Car work shop to find it. And yes, I bought two from the car work shop. They sold me RM18 per battery.

I quickly changed the battery, and later, I try it, and yes, it is the battery problem. My car can start again, and I am on my way back to JB/Singapore.

So, one good advise, always stock this battery in your car. You don’t know when you will need it. Don’t be like my friend, the reason why he knew the car work shop has it, is because, he also faced the same problem with his Merc. Unfortunately, he was in Genting Highlands when that happened to him. So, he also end up couldnt find the battery and end up got it from a work shop.

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