iChangi Park and Fly Car Park Promotions

Date: Sep 12, 2022

OK, consider this scenario. If you stay in Bukit Gombak, and you drive to airport early in the morning (before 5am) and on the way, if you pick up 2-3 passengers, and you do the same when you come back. I think it is worth to consider this iChangi Park and Fly Car Park promotion.

So I am going to be away for 4.5 days.

Goto iChangi app, and select the car park promo. Select the Park and Fly coupon.

Make sure that S$143 is worth it. Means, if 2-3 people take taxi or grab at the same time different location to the airport, say one trip is $30-$45 per trip for each person, then taking 2 extra passengers will make it back and if you also count the return trip, then, it is worth it lor.

You can park at these car park locations within the Airport.

1 day before you come back, just ACTIVATE the coupon, tell them when you will be EXITing the car park, the date. Then, just drive your car thru the exit gantry, and wala…. $0 charged.

The coupon will save 15%-45% depending on your duration. I think is worth it. Like me, after I landed, immediately I go out for drinks, at a couple of places. So I save time save money. 🙂

I bet you never heard of such promo… hahaha

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