Simple Tech Review – Water Temperature Meter

Date: Oct 3, 2022

I always buy things from Taobao. Because is cheap.

This is the latest gadget I bought. So, it is a water temperature meter. You hook this up between your water heater and shower head.

And when you turn on the water, the water flow will power up the display. And the temperature sensor will collect the water temperature. And it will show it on the display. Quite cool, right? If it is too hot, it will give you a red dot. If it is OK, it will be green dot.

Let’s see this in action.

This is the manual.

Very easy to install.

Oh ya, it comes with English manual.

And it is about $22 for 2. So that makes $11 each. I bought it from Taobao.

One thing you want to know about China made things is… The technology can be very sound and good. But the screws, the knob, etc can easily get rusty. ????? That means their quality control is not that good. But it is so cheap, so ok la.

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