Shark Lips Soup at Desaru Shi Wei Sin Seafood Restaurant

Date: Jun 10, 2022

We made a good decision just after the golf game at Desaru Els course. We decided to eat at this near by restaurant instead of having lunch at Bukit Indah.

I remember my friend Vijay told me about this good restaurant just by the road entrance to Four Point Sheraton hotel @ Desaru.,+3%265,+Jalan+Kempas+3,+Taman+Desaru+Utama,+82200+Bandar+Penawar,+Johor,+Malaysia/@1.5728908,104.2073292,16z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x31da4de44b7da5c3:0xdbe363a9c78da4ef?hl=en

It is quite big and they also have local lobsters. But because we have a schedule to keep so we have only about 1hr here to have our lunch then we drive to 皇足轩 at Bukit Indah for our massage and wash car session. it allows 1hr time for us to digest our food in our stomach.

The owner came out and recommend us this Shark Lips soup. So we ordered.

OMG. It is good. To bad we didn’t bring more cognac to spilled it into the soup. Delicious. 鲨鱼唇炖汤.

They don’t always have this shark lips so it is come by chance.

The lips is nice like collagen like that.

Awe also ordered oyster omelette and fried rice and 青龙菜. We even order another bowl of shark lips soup here too.

All goes very well with the beers.

So this is a recommendation from me. Nice simple food.

Then we head to Bukit Indah for our massage and wash car session. With 1. Plus hours to digest our food. the same owner owns the massage place and the wash car place and it is just at the corner block opposite AEON shopping mall at Bukit Indah.

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