Use of Pyjamas in Swimming

Date:  Jan 22, 2014

Swimming is a life skill I wanted my children to learn.  

Hey, what is that floating thingy beside Jay Jay’s head?  Isn’t that his Pyjamas???

IMG 8614

Yes, it is his Pyjamas.  When it is wet, they can keep air in it.  Not only Pyjamas, jeans, pants all can.

So, imagine when you are on a plane, and you were in your pyjamas (huh?  How many of you change into Pyjamas on a plane??)

And when you need to drop yourself into the water… And you need something that floats… Well, this is one of it.  

Means, you can quickly take off your pants and blow air in it.

IMG 8617

Let’s see another way how you can inflate the pyjamas float.

IMG 8618

Basically, you run, and then, capture all the air inside, and jump into the pool.  


And when you jump into the pool it automatically become like this!  

IMG 8619

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