Solved! 4×4 Rubik’s Cube

Date:  Apr 22, 2016

After 2×2, after 3×3, I finally be able to solve the 4×4.


So, I can solved all these now.  Very proud of myself.  And everyday, when I go walking, I will bring a Rubik’s cube with me.  With practice, you can solve it very easily.


  1. You must solve the 2×2 cubes on each side.  Since there is no reference point, you can start with Red, then, White on the LEFT, and then, blue on the top of Red & White.  Remember, you form the 2 lines, and align them directly to each other on a adjacent side and complete the face.


These are simple pointers.


2.  Once you done the 6 faces, you will need to solve the 12 edges.


3.  After that it is exactly the same as solving a 3×3.

The slight different is, you will most likely end up to have this scenario, where you might need to flip the side to the top.


Or, you face with this scenario where you need to exchange or swap the opposite edges.  These are the formula you can use.


I can solve it less than 8 minutes.  And soon will be faster.

So, what’s next?  Of course is 5×5.



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