Playhouse Disney – Birthday Book

It was 1 month ago.  When I log into Playhouse Disney website trying to find out how to put your child photo onto their birthday book.

And the rules is you must sent your picture to them 2 months before, and it is up to them to choose.

So, I told my wife, you better write something so that they can select the photo.  So, she did.  She told them that both me and her have lots of traveling.  And we forgot to sent in the photos.  We were like begging them to select Jay’s picture and put it on to the book.

1 month later, we received this…


And we we recorded down all the 5 session and try to find out which one Jay is on.  And yes, we saw it…


There you see Jay on TV, together with his favorite Agent OSO.  Ever since that day, his mouth can’t stop laughing, smiling.  His friends father saw it on TV, and told him about it, and he keeps on laughing and smiling.


Happy Birthday Jay Jay.

Always do something special for your kids.  Especially when they start keeping the memories.  This is the most special present to him.



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