A Frozen Birthday Cake!

Date:  Aug 21, 2014

Yesterday was Kay Kay 5th birthday.  Happy Birthday Kay Kay!


The Birthday Song Video

Let’s look at the video clips of the birthday song first.  I like this video and do take notes of the follow two lovely moments…

1.  How sweet for Sofie Bella holding Kay Kay to protect him.

2.  See the “scary look” faces from the kids.  So fun!


The Cake 

I know, I know.  It’s a “Frozen” birthday cake.

This cake is designed by Kay Kay this year.  

He told mommy that “I want a Frozen cake!”

“May be we can build an ice castle for Olaf.”

“There will be snow flakes.”

“I want Elsa and Anna.”

“I also want Kristoff & Sven.” 

 IMG 9248

As Cheryl Shuen cannot bake the Disney characters, we only asked her to bake the Ice Castle.  

(Please note:  Cheryl Shuen cannot bake any copyright cake, so, you have to put those on it after the baking)

And then, I go and buy the Frozen characters from Taobao.



Screen Shot 2014 08 22 at 9 00 47 am

These Frozen characters fits just nicely on the side of the cake.

IMG 7615

Kristoff & Sven.


Here is Anna & Prince Hans.


Snow queen Elsa.


And here is Olaf.

IMG 7575

This year, it is a nice orange flavoured chocolate cake.  The icing not so sweet.  That is why we love Cheryl Shuen’s cake.  Very nice, and the kids love it.


This year, Cheryl Shuen gave us a fireworks candle.

Nobody knows how to light it up. 

So, we end up calling to Cheryl Shuen and ask.

After confirming it is save to light up, and make sure the kids is 1 meter away from the candle.  Then we light it up.

And Zhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh zhhhhhhhhhhh….

It was fabulous!

The kids love it.  Some kids are scare, especially Kay Kay.  HaHaHaHa.

IMG 7590

There is no candles available at the school.  So no choice, we have to use that fireworks candle.


Yeap!  I think he likes the cake.



The Party Begins

His K1 buddies.


Jay Jay has to go school on that day.  But don’t worry, we will have one family photo with another cake this coming Sunday.


Ah Gong, Ah Ma are here in Singapore too.  So, they get to join the party too.


Don’t worry Kay Kay!  I will protect you.  Sofie Bella says.

Kay indeed is a bit worry because he is the one sit closest to the cake with the fireworks candle.


And Woo-hooooo… The candles lighten up, and the fireworks appears.


Every one was clapping their hands after that…


Blow the candle Kay!


Let’s cut the cake.


Every one gets a piece of cake.


And they love to play with the yummy icing too.


It is very good until you lick you fingers ya!


OK, girls will get a pink Frozen goodie bags.  He also prepare some for his old buddies in neighbour class too.

IMG 7631

So happy to receive a pink color goodie bag.

IMG 7636

And the boys get a blue Frozen goodie bags.

IMG 7644

The boys love the blue Frozen goodie bags.

IMG 7650

Even teacher also got goodie bags.  Wahahaha

IMG 7658

Thank you Kay Kay for the Goodie bags.

IMG 7660

Thank you Thank You!

IMG 7666


Final Thoughts

Having birthday party seems like a trend in school.

When your kids see other kids having birthday party, deep inside their small little heart, they also wish that they can have a birthday party.

There are two types of parties.  One that you do it in school, and the other is you do it outside the school.

For us, we told the kids very clear that, we only do the birthday party in school.  And for the outside school party, it will come only when they are graduating K2 class.  

That is when, we invited the parents and get to know the parents of our kids’ friends. 

When they go into Primary School, it is important to let them keep in touch with their kindergarden friends. 

These are the friends that they have been buddies since 18 months old.  

These are the friends that they have seen each other almost every day.

So, take Jay Jay for example, he still have his yearly party from various parents.  

And he keep very good contact with all his childhood friends.

It is different from the Primary School friends.  

Of course, when you make a memorable birthday cake, takes lots of pictures and videos.

And remember the birthday party with your kids together by watch all these old video clips.

Remind them how small there were last time.

Remind them the love their parents gave them.


Let’s take a look at all his birthday cakes.

Year 2010 – 1 Year Old Birthday Cake

From Cheryl Shuen.

IMG 4237

It was a Disney Lightning McQueen Cake.

IMG 4238

Although Kay Kay is only 1 year old, he already know how to blink his eye and give a good smile.  Here is a picture with 奶奶.

IMG 4250


Year 2011 – 2 Years Old Birthday Cake

From Cheryl Shuen again.

IMG 5666

The cake is a Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme.  All these Disney characters are his favourites.

IMG 5642

Kay Kay just joined Lorna Whiston Pre-School when he was 18 months old.  These are some of his classmate who are still his classmates today.  It was PG class back then.

IMG 5658


Year 2012 – 3 Years Old Birthday Cake

Again, from Cheryl Shuen.

IMG 3164

This year, the cake is designed by his brother Jay Jay.  And the main character is Gordon, as Gordon is the fastest engine in Sodor.  so, they actually put in light houses, and train tracks and make it like Island of Sodor. 

IMG 3208

Back then, Kay Kay was in N1.

IMG 3218


Year 2013 – 4 Years Old Birthday Cake

From Cheryl Shuen again.

This year, is a year where he visited lots of aquarium and felt in love with the stingrays.  That is why he asked for a stingray cake.

IMG 3125

He was in N2 class, and again, he celebrated his birthday at the school canteen.

IMG 3134

Every year, he always enjoy his cake.  

IMG 3142


Cheryl Shuen

So, got to thanks Cheryl Shuen for baking such delicious cake.

IMG 9484

Here is the info of Cheryl Shuen.

Screen Shot 2014 08 22 at 8 41 35 am

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