Hole-in-One Golf

Date:  Nov 27, 2014

Updates:  Apr 5, 2015

I finally got my cheque.

IMG 0391

But I have already treated every one on Dec 31, 2014.  HaHaha.. So, this 1K is to cover that cost.  hahaha

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The Vintage Club finally prepared the Hole-In-One certificate for me.

On November 17, 2014, I hit a Hole-in-One at the Hole #2, with the length of 103 yards with a PW. 

The price is a free flight of 4 balls at The Vintage Club.

My friend going to bring back the certificate for me next week.

IMG 3897

After you hit a good Hole-in-One, you also have lots of pressure.  So, I hit 3 double-Par that game.  

Of course, when you happy, you also tends to hit well too.  So, I also hit 3 more Pars too.

Screen Shot 2014 11 24 at 8 18 18 pm

It is extremely lucky that I made that shot.

Have done all the 6 fundamentals of golf.  

Aim – the golf club at the target

Grip – hold the strong grip

Posture – did not stand like an old man

Stances – not too wide, not too narrow

Body Alignment – parallel to the target line

Ball position – at my right foot

And with lots of extremely good luck, I launched the ball.

The wind blow from right to left, so, my ball fade a little to the left.

When it drop on the green, it started to roll.

It roll to the back of the hole, (I think), it was so near.

I turned my back thinking the ball has stopped so near to the pin.

But the ball kept rolling even slower.

And then it disappeared.

All caddies screamed.  Hole-in-One.

Witnesses at the same hole:  

1. Alex Seow (Level-3)

2. Kannikar Moragotkriengkrai (UIH/BBConnect)

3. Alvin Tan (PCCW)

4. Four Caddies

Witnesses from far, the flight in front: (They only heard the loud screams Hole-in-One, while they are at the next tee box).

1. Andrew Onn (Equinix)

2. Passakorn (UIH/BBConnect)

3. Daniel Fok (PCCW)

4. Keith Wong (Globe Telecom)

Here is a nice video compilation of the Hole-in-One joy.

Alex Seow help me to shoot this video and give a very good commentary.  (He says the wrong hole, it should be Hole #2, not Hole #3).

This is the two flight behind.  The front flight already tee off (Benney Cheng, Paul Ng, Kittilerk & Eddie Tay) and long gone in front. 

Andrew Onn not in picture, as he is teeing off.

IMG 3347

103 yards from here to that pin location.

IMG 3351

Hole #2.  The Vintage Club.

IMG 3352

This is my caddie.  My main witness.

IMG 3355

My ball is inside the hole.

IMG 3356

Later I Par three holes.  One of the bunker shot.

IMG 3380

Back to back

IMG 3381

Tee off.

IMG 3384

Tee off again.

IMG 3386


IMG 3387

The ball I used to hit Hole-in-One.

IMG 3402

Now waiting to be placed in a Hole-in-One display box.

IMG 3404

I am very happy.  It is pure luck.

And I am very happy.

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