EV3 Robotics @ WondersWork

Date:  Nov 28, 2014

I always believe in this…

1.  Learning a skill is not a 1-day, 1-month thing.  It is in fact a life long affair.  If can, let your children to participate any course that they love as long as possible.  Ask a few friends to join along, let them have fun together.  You may not see huge results today, or after 1-term or 2-term, but soon, a blink of eye, you found that they can do amazing things.  That is the moment you love to watch.  Remember, practice makes perfect.  The more hours you thrown into learning the skill the more you will learn the skill.

2.  It does not need to have any academic purpose to learn a skill.  No need to follow MOE syllabus, or school requirement, etc.  Follow the heart of your children.  What do they like, what is their interest?  If they love it, let them learn.  I let my boy to learn Robotics because I myself was a computer programmer.

3.  Kids will grow amazing fast if they are happy.  So, as parents, our job is to make them happy.  They will be happy if they learn things that they choose to learn.

4.  Don’t force the kid to learn things.  But always think ahead, and create the environment and situations and opportunities such that they fell into it and decide for themselves what they want to learn.  For example, if I don’t have any musical gene in my family, and I want my kids to learn music, buy a piano or ukulele at home.  From time to time, play the piano (wrongly is fine).  And soon or later, when you pop the questions “do you want to learn piano?” the answers will always be YES.  Another example, always watch Golf on TV.  Be excited when great players playing great shots.  Buy a putting matt at home.  Have fun with kids.  Some times later, pop the question “do you want to learn golf?” the answer as expected will be yes.  Kids will benefit when learning things that they like to do.  So, don’t kill the kids interests.  And such interests can sometime be influenced.  hahaha

IMG 2869

Jay Jay has attended the Robotics class @ Wonders Work for almost 2 years.  

He is now taking the class with his good K2 buddy, Riandy.

Both him and Riandy has entered the EV3 class.

They now learning to build robots and program the latest Lego’s Mindstorms EV3.

IMG 3247

They now learn how to program longer.  It is still the drag and drop style of programming, but this is a good start for understanding real programming concepts.

IMG 3265

Wow, I am impressed.  Now, they can write such a long code.

IMG 3267

This is the color bricks sorter.  It sorts different color bricks into different color cup.

I am still amaze with teacher Enzo @ Wonders Work.  So far, after 2 years, he still have not assign any duplicate project for the kids to do.

And Jay & Riandi is in the first batch of EV3 class.  So, they going to always learn new things.

IMG 3275

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