Jay Can Cook – Sous Vide The Beef Rump & The Tobiko Angel Hair

Date: Jan 2, 2023

Jay’s mommy bought a Sous Vide equipment from Taobao. So, we decided to sous vide some nice beef.

This is the BioloMix thingy.

The beef has to be vacuum packed. And it will be cooked for about 2 hours and 15 minutes at 57 degree Celcius. This will give a Midium rare for the meat.

While we are waiting for the meat to be Midium Rawly cooked… let’s work on our Angel Hair.

Let’s cooked the Angel Hair pasta using the Japanese Kun-Pu.

I like to twist the whole thing and put it into the boiling water.

Cut some Chives for later use. I mistakenly bought the Chinese Chives. But it is ok la.

You may use some parsly too.

This is the secret ingriedients. The seaweed salt. You can easily get it from Don Don Donki.

Soak it in the water.

Cut it.

Better way cutting it.

Chef Jay doing the cutting.

I use this Black Truffle Spray. I don’t have the real thing. So, can only use a “flavoured” one.

The Angel Hair spagetti takes about 3-4 minutes to cook in the boiling water for the Al Dante texture.

Throw all the water away. And mix it with the seaweed salt.

Don’t forget to spray the Black Truffled Olive Oil.

This is the Angel Hair I am using.

So, you prepare the Tobiko and the Chives so that you can mix it with the Angel Hair + Seaweed salt.

And it will turn out to be a great nice cold dish.

Kay loves it of course.

Now, let’s go back to the Sous Vide Beef.

After 2 hours and 15 minutes, let’s take out the beef.

Heat up your La Crusette.

Take the Beef Out from the packaging. Carefully pour the sauce into a container.

We need Pepper and Salt only.

Let’s light it up!!!

Don’t forget to spray the Olive Oil (Truffle flavoured)… Spray and spray…

I am trying to make the outside crispy.

It’s getting there…

Let’s cut it.

Look at it. It is middium rare.

Look at this. It is pink color. Very medium Rare.

Let’s cut the meat.

Did you see the blood flowing out.

Look at the pink meat.

Today we used the Argentina’s Angus Grassfed Rump.

Don’t forget to get some mints too.

And open up a great bottle of wine too. It will pair the beef.

So, tonight our Jan 2 dinner is a very simple meal.

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