Following Eila Galitsky at WAAP Championship @ SICC

Date: Mar 9, 20223

The Women Amateur Asia-Pacific Championship was held at Singapore Island Country Club. They are playing Millenium course followed by Perice course. The green speed was 10.7. Here are some of the photos and videos.

I went to see them play for 3 days. I figure I can learn something from these semi-pro players.


On Day-3, Eila Galitsky is leading, and here is the last hole at Peirce course. Followed by Minsol Kim from Korea.

Just like her father said, Galitsky likes to hit very long. So, her second shot hit over the green and nearly went into the water at the far left. Pre-shot routines, go figure out whether can stand properly and use what club to play.

She will be using putter. I think the stands is quite bad there, there is almost no place for her to stand properly and use a wedge.

Left about 10 ft. And no problem for her to make the putt.

So, Gatlisky goes to the final group on the last day.

There is another Thai player who is very young and I like her swing too. I think she is 14 years old.

This is the sequence of her shot. Take a look at the forth picture. Here, her club has gone to the 3 o’clock position, but look at the head and eyes still looking at the tee location (look down) then, the club slowly finishing and the head turn.

This is what I want to learn!!! The correct swing. Later I have more example.


Here is another golfer which I took on day 1. She is from China.

Look at her shot sequence. Pic #5 hit the ball, eyes look at the ball. Pic #6 club went to 3 o’clocl and the head and eyes remains the same location looking at the tee (look down). Then, the body turn, club goes up.

By the way, I went with Jay on Day-1.

This is the first time he attended a real golf event.

I think he is happy indeed.

And this is my gears. A monopod with my Fujiflim X-T4 and Tamron 18-300mm. My son brought along X-T2 with Fujifilm 100-400m lens.

We just want to capture some great moments of these young golfers.

Surprise to know that Amateur cannot bring own caddies and they have to carry their own bag or use a trolley.

Look at another swing. So, every players are doing the same thing. My swing problem is, 1) head move too much, 2) body sway to much, 3) hands too handsy. Hahahahahahaha But I determine to change this in the coming months.

Let’s see a bunker shot.

I think she loves to hit bunker shots.

Wearing a SGA cap, must be Singapore player. I think is Aloysia. She is the only one HIO (Hole In One) on Day-3 at Millenium hole-8 par-3 hole. She did it two days later.

Here are hte rest of the photos for Day-1.

I just enjoy taking the photos.

Day-3 after the Game

After the game, these players just keep practising at the driving range and putting and chipping ground.

This should be K.SEO from Korea.

Take a look at Galitsky driving range shot. Wah, so powerful.

Here is another shot.

Heard from the media, she can drive over 300m.


It is Day-4, here we are again. Me and Mr. Ken Takahashi.

Today, we wore very nice golf shirts. Don’t you think? Very orangey.

Here are some of the photos of golf players. Galitsky used an driving iron and hit her ball into the bunker at Perice hole-8. And she tried to hit a bunker shot but went into another bunker. So, she hit another bunker shot and save par.

This is Galitsky save par putt.

Here she comes.

Me: “Good Job!”

Eila: “Thanks!”

We sort of spoke. Wahahahahahahahaha

She is teeing off at the hole-9 of Perice course. She just walk to the tee box to look at the fairway.

Now, let’s slow-mo her practise shot.

Now look at the normal speed. From the other angle.

This is me and Peter. Takahashi is taking the picture.

Later when we look at the video, we see ourselves.

Now, the real POWERFUL tee shot. She drove about 375 yard (about 330m). Left 170m for her second shot.

Next is Minsol Kim.

And the photo sequence of the shot.

Next is Araki from Japan.

Araki shot is like a baseball shot.

By this time, Galitsky has enough leads to win this WAAP championship. She just have to be steady and dont make too big mistakes.

Minsol Kim top the shot and the ball run into the same location as Galitsky yesterday, but Kim is less lucky as her ball drop into the pond. She has to drop a shot there.

Now, it is Galitsky turn. And she has a great shot, lesser distance but enough to get it 2-On the green.

Minsol Kim playing no. 4 there after dropping a penalty shot.

Araki miss her birdie. So, she will settle with a par.

Here is Galitsky’s Eagle shot.

And now her final shot. Her putt pull to the left. And she won officially. But not yet, as she still need to deliver the score card to the score office.

Eila Galitsky nicked name Panggy. Panggy is pronouced as “Pang-Gie” as the Gie is “Key” sound.

She followed Atthaya Thitikul footsteps and took the WAAP champion.

Here comes the water…

I actually come prepare. I brought along with me a white cap as well as a permanent ball marker pen. It seems I am the only one who brought it and gladly share with all the spectators there. Wahahhahaha

Yup, the authograph session. I am the first one got it signed. Followed by Cindy.

Then Chiao Lin…

Then, Kevin, then Miah Hiang… Then she said she got to go. Otherwise may get disqualify if not submit the score card in time. whahahaha

We are very happy golfers indeed. iPhone still in video mode, let’s take some video and photos with her.

And I got my autograph on my cap. Signed by Eila Galitsky.

Oh ya, did I show you my other cap that is signed by J.Y. Ko who won the HSBC LPGA at Sentosa?

Only in Asia. Got dragon dance.

Here comes the Koreans.

The champion and the runner up.

And Congrats to Eila Galitsky.

The champ.

Me happy! Because I got my signed autograph cap from Eila Galitsky.

Well done!

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