Good Food -Unboxing Nasi Lemak

Date:  Feb 21, 2016

Today, I have my last CNY party.  It is a CNY parent gathering party for young Kay Kay.

And we ordered this (food catering) as part of the party food.

It is quite heavy, I think it is about 10-13KG in weight.

I like the way how they package it.


It is Nasi Lemak from Lee Wee & Brothers.  This is their number.  If you order for 20 pax, the delivery is free.  They have all kinds of things.


We ordered Nasi Lemak today.  So, let’s unbox it!

It sounds so strange when I say it.  “Unboxing”… usually I use the unbox word on gadget.  But for nasi Lemak?  I think it is the first time.  hahahaha


They provide the plates.


They will tell you when you need to consume these.


First layer.  The spoon and forks.  The nuts and ikan bilis.  And the Nasi Lemak chilli.



The 2nd layer.  Fish balls and pop corn chickens.


The last layer.  It is the fragrant coconut rice.  And it comes with this to scoop your rice.


And there you go.  The Nasi Lemak packages.  Last week we also order Mee Hoon and Chicken Wings too.


I just find it amaze when I see the box, and when I unbox it.  Everything is so convenient.

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