Science Experiment At Home

Date:  Feb 22, 2016

There are some experiments you can carry out at home.  Such as this one.

The Bok Choy will change its colour over the night when you soak it in different coloured water.  And the visual effect is so obvious that the children will remember this for life.  It is something that they see and they remember.

Well, this does not actually works on “homework”.  It all depends on the kid’s willingness to accept the knowledge for life or not.  For example, you let them play Minecraft, then, they will remember what to do, how to get it done, all the exact steps.  But when you give them “Spelling”, the probably remembered on that week and later, if they don’t see the word again, it will disappeared from their mind again.

So, we will need to

  1. make them felt interest in the subject, for example, science.
  2. find ways to demonstrate it.  Visually.

Once you find such way, you can encourage the kids to learn more!

Coloured Vegetables

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