Primary School – Playdates

Date:  Feb 22, 2016

When Kay Kay stepped into Primary School.  We think he will do well.

Two months passed, we asked who do you play with in school.  There is always a handful of  classmates’ names pop out from his mouth.

But when you think about it… hmmm… the class size is 30.  There probably are grouped into 10 groups of 3.  So, you will always sit with your buddies, may be 2-3 person in class.  Recess time is 30 minutes.  And for P1 students, I am guessing there are designated seats for them so that they have a lunch mate in school.  After recess, back to class room again.  So, if you really think hard on it, it is not surprise to find out that, Kay Kay might not have a lot of classmates in school he can play with.  And one obvious fact is that they might not be given enough time during the orientation to know each other.  They are still unfamiliar with the school, the teachers, the environment, etc.  Some students of course have the talents to mix around with other students.   Some just don’t.

So, how do you know if your son does not have a lot of friends yet.  By simply asking him about his friends in school.  If he cannot tell you a lot, then, you have to have that suspicious.

So, this year, we decided to help Kay Kay and give it a push.  We organised a parent meet up meeting for Kay and his classmates.  And it is during the 14th day of the Chinese New Year.  So, it is a great reason to celebrate.

The parents keep a smaller Whatsapp group of around 11 families.  Out of the 7 families will be attending.  So, I asked Kay Kay the obvious question,

“Do you talk to Lexin much in school?” – “Nope.”

“Do you talk to Jinxuan much in school?” – “Nope.”

“Do you play with Terrence in school?” – “Nope.”

and the list goes on.

“Who do you play with in school?” – “I played with Rishaan.”

Kay replied.  “I sometimes talk to Haining.”

So, from the simple conversation you know this “chatty” Kay Kay is not so chatty at all in Primary School.  He has friends from the school bus, as the school bus is a confined area and it is easier to break the ice.  But in class, because of the study, and may be they were warned not to speak in class, perhaps that is why Kay Kay has lesser friends to talk to in the class.  So, we going to fix this.

Kay Kay and some of his classmates

So, we organised a playdate for Kay Kay.  At first, you can see that Kay Kay is not so looking forward to it as he probably does not know well of the classmates we are inviting.  Well, we can only invite those we have contact with.

We ordered a nasi lemak catering, that has fish balls and pop corn chickens and otak.  It was really nice.  From Lee Wee & Brothers catering.

Some parents make some interesting food too.

So as parents get together, they chit chat non-stop.  Talk about their kids, talk about the school, talk about the teachers.  Then, talk about IP-TV, talk about the Mee Pok store owned by Japanese in Clementi West St. 2.  My wife even end up demo baking a bread that takes 2 hours to bake and making noodles from the noodle machine.  The party suppose to end at 4 ended at 8.

Kay Kay’s classmates’ parents

Kids who never play with each other in school now start to mingle around.

Happy Kids shouting

As per nature, girls will stick together with girls.

Happy bunch of girls.

Of course there are rules to come to this party.  You can’t watch TV if you cannot get 3 parents’ vote to agree.  And boys and girls will need to take turns to watch TV, every turn 10 minutes.  So, we go from Princess Sofia to Slugterra to others shows.

And these kids have spent a quality time together and after this play dates, they actually will know each other names.  So, I am very confident that when they are in the school, they will start talking to each other, and they will start playing with each other even though their seats are not close together in class.  Since they already know each other names they will become more comfortable to speak and play with each other.

Watching TV time.

So, at the end of the day, Kay Kay remember this and that.

“Daddy, you know, Jinxuan do this and that and this and that…”

“Daddy, just now Terrence play with the Star Wars sets a lot…”

“Mommy, …” this and that…

So, our mission accomplished.  So, this group of “new found” classmates will become friends because their parents already become friends.  They learned from parents and they will do the same.


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