Doraemon Theme Park

Date: Dec 18, 2012

There is a Doraemon theme park here at the New Chitose Airport. It’s on the third floor.

You won’t miss it! It’s on third floor connecting the international terminal to domestic terminal.

That Jay Jay leaning on the big Doraemon wall.

It has a child care playground.

A Doraemon restaurant.

A library of all the comics book of Doraemon.

Btw, the restaurant serves Doraemon food.

Of course a toy shop that sell everything related to Doraemon.

And the main attraction. Doraemon theme park display.

You buy your ticket here.

Yes! I bought tickets for all. Kay Kay is free.

Lets go in. Start the Doraemon journey. Ok, we have less than 20 minutes to finish everything before we check in to the terminal.

Oh. It’s the place where you can play games, solve puzzles, take photos with the Doraemon characters.

Now with Jay and Kay inside.

How about this, we are inside 大雄’s room.

This Doraemon is way too heavy!

The magic purse is very deep!

Kay: I don’t know who is this creature. Lets take the photo anyway.

Doraemon! Where are you bringing me to with the time machine?

This room is a bit inclined.

This is a very cool mirror.

You see different age of yourself from the reflections. Only Doraemon stay the same.

How about this. A family photo with the Doraemon.

And we run out of time! Got to rush off to the check in gate!

See ya Doraemon park!

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