Jay Jay & What’sApp

Date:  Dec 20, 2012

Jay Jay need not to attend pre-school from now on until he goes into Primary 1 in January.

So, I will need to look after him until then.

So, today, what shall we do.  I was driving then, so, I passed my iPhone to Jay.  Help me to go into the What’sApp and ask your friends’ mommies and daddies what are they doing today.

And Jay Jay was happy to do that for me.


So, he started to type the message.  Now, there are still a lot of words he does not know.  So, I spell for him, and ask him to memorize it for future use.  And He is glad about doing so.  And he learned quite a lot of ways of expressing himself in What’sApp.


GOOD TIPS!  So, it is not a bad idea once in a while, that you ask your son or daughter to help type message and at the same time teach them spelling.


Jay Jay seems to enjoy himself there.  He was amaze that he could speak to his friends mommies and daddies using iPhone messages or What’sApp.  


One of the example of messages he typed.

“We are washing car now”…. seems simple, but are we?  or the Caltex people did?  Basically, I still have to teach him how to grammatically write some good English, which I sometimes myself have problem with.  hahahaha  But this is a good start.

“Wet Wet”.  Jay typed whatever in his thoughts.  And learn how to spell those words.

IMG 4896

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